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Rantle is the largest Texas Instruments(TI) LMC6484IM distributor and supplier. Most of our electronic products have gained professional certification. Our product range has been widely used in many fields like the electric transmission. You can trust and rely on Rantle.


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The NSC/TI IC components LMC6484IM device provides a common-mode range that extends to both supply rails. This rail-to-rail performance combined with excellent accuracy, due to a high CMRR, makes this device unique among rail-to-rail input amplifiers.

The LMC6484IM is an excellent choice for systems, such as data acquisition, that require a large input signal range. The device is also an excellent upgrade for circuits using limited common-mode range amplifiers, including LMC6484IMX/NOPB.

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Texas Instruments(TI) LMC6484IM has an outstanding performance and typically directly drives a 100-pF load with VS = 15 V at unity gain without oscillating.

The unity gain follower is the most sensitive configuration. Direct capacitive loading reduces the phase margin of operational amplifiers.

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The combination of the output impedance of the operational amplifier and the capacitive load induces phase lag that results in either an under-damped pulse response or oscillation.

Capable of using the full supply range, the LMC6484IM does not require input signals to be scaled down to meet limited common-mode voltage ranges.

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The LMC6484IM of 82 dB maintains integral linearity of a 12-bit data acquisition system to ±0.325 LSB. Other rail-to-rail input amplifiers with only 50 dB of CMRR degrade the accuracy of the data acquisition system to only 8 bits.

Rantle supply LMC6484IM that has the high input impedance, large common-mode range, and high CMRR required for designing instrumentation circuits.

Instrumentation circuits designed with the LMC6484IM can reject a larger range of common-mode signals than most instrumentation amps.

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Thus, instrumentation circuits designed with the LMC6484IM are an excellent choice for noisy or industrial environments. Other applications that benefit from these features include analytic medical instruments, magnetic field detectors, gas detectors, and silicon-based transducers.

Our LMC6484IMX/NOPB can be operated over a supply range of 3 V to 15 V. To achieve noise immunity as appropriate to the application, make sure to use good PCB layout practices for power supply rails and planes, as well as using bypass capacitors connected between the power supply pins and ground.

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Rantle distribute the Texas Instruments(TI) LMC6484IM and you can guarantee with this device low voltage characteristics and low power dissipation makes this device especially well-suited for battery-operated systems.

If you are in need LMC6484IM, LMC6484IMX/NOPB, or any part number, contact us directly. We will give you a suitable product!

To learn more about the Texas Instruments(TI) electronic components and parts LMC6484IM, please click the LMC6484IM datasheet.

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