Your Best LT1965IMS8E Supplier in China

LT1965IMS8E Distributor - Your Best LT1965IMS8E Supplier in China

Rantle is an excellent Linear Technology(LT) LT1965IMS8E distributor located in China. We can distribute great product that made by high grade materials. Our LT1965IMS8E are well tested and can present reliable and a greatest performance.


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Rantle is a professional distributor. We can produce different kind of electronic components according to your needs.

The Linear Technology(LT) IC LT1965IMS8E series are low noise, low dropout linear regulators. The devices supply 1.1A of output current with a 310mVtypicaldropoutvoltage.

Its regulators have very low output noise which makes them ideal for sensitive RF and DSP supply applications.

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Professional LT1965IMS8E Distributor - Rantle East Electronic

Linear Technology(LT) ic components LT1965IMS8E output voltage ranges from 1.20V to 19.5V. The LT1965IMS8E regulators are stable with output capacitors as low as 10µF. Internal protection circuitry includes reverse-battery protection, current limiting with fold back, thermal limiting and reverse-current protection.

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The LT1965IMS8E series are available in fixed output voltages of 1.5V, 1.8V, 2.5V, 3.3V, and as an adjustable device with a 1.20V reference voltage

Rantle LT1965IMS8E series are 1.1A low dropout regulators with shutdown. The devices are capable of supplying 1.1A at a typical dropout voltage of 310mV.

The low operating quiescent current 500µAforthe adjustable version, 600µA for the fixed voltage versions drops to less than 1µA in shutdown. In addition to the low quiescent current, the LT1965IMS8E regulators incorporate several protection features that makes them ideal for use in battery-powered systems.

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The devices protect themselves against both reverse-input and reverse-output voltages. In battery backup applications, if a back-up battery holds up the output when the input is pulled to ground, the LT1965IMS8E performs like it has a diode in series with its output, preventing reverse-current flow.

The Linear Technology(LT) LT1965IMS8E design is stable with a wide range of output capacitors. The ESR of the output capacitor affects stability, most notably with small capacitors. A minimum output capacitor of 10µF with an ESR of 0.3W or less is recommended to prevent oscillations.

Our LT1965IMS8E is a low quiescent current device and output load transient response is a function of output capacitance. Larger values of output capacitance decrease the peak deviations and provide improved transient response for larger current changes.

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Another feature of our LT1965IMS8E, it has safe operating area protection. The safe area protection decreases current limit as input-to-output voltage increases and keeps the power transistor inside a safe operating region for all values of input-to-output voltage.

So if you are looking for LT1965IMS8E distributor for your business, you are in a right place. Rantle can distribute and produce your needs.

Whenever you need Linear Technology(LT) ic chips LT1965IMS8E please contact us and we will give you an assistance!

To learn more about the Linear Technology(LT)/Analog Devices Inc.(ADI) electronic components and parts LT1965IMS8E, please click the LT1965IMS8E datasheet.

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