Your Best ADM3053BRWZ-REEL7 Supplier in China

ADM3053BRWZ-REEL7 Distributor – Your Best ADM3053BRWZ Supplier in China

Rantle is a qualified ANALOG DEVICES INC(ADI) ADM3053BRWZ distributor. We maintain and develop the quality of every electronic product. We use the latest and updated technique to supply the best kind and the greatest ADM3053BRWZ and other part number of our electronic products.


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Our ADM3053BRWZ is an isolated controller area network physical layer transceiver with an integrated isolated dc-to-dc converter.

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Your Expert Distributor and Supplier of ADM3053BRWZ in China – Rantle East Electronic

ANALOG DEVICES INC(ADI) ic components ADM3053BRWZ creates a fully isolated interface between the CAN protocol controller and the physical layer bus. It is capable of running at data rates of up to 1 Mbps.

ADM3053BRWZ-REEL7 supplier

The device has current limiting and thermal shutdown features to protect against output short circuits. The part is fully specified over the industrial temperature range and is available in a 20-lead, wide-body SOIC package.

The ADM3053BRWZ contains isoPower technology that uses high frequency switching elements to transfer power through the transformer.

ADM3053BRWZ-REEL7 distributor

The ANALOG DEVICES INC(ADI) ic chips ADM3053BRWZ signal isolation is implemented on the logic side of the interface. The part achieves signal isolation by having a digital isolation section and a transceiver section.

Similarly, the single-ended receiver output signal, referenced to isolated ground in the transceiver section, is coupled across the isolation barrier to appear at the RxD pin referenced to logic ground.

The signal isolation is powered by the VIO pin and allows the digital interface to 3.3 V or 5 V logic.

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The AD IC ADM3053BRWZ power isolation is implemented using an isoPower integrated isolated dc-to-dc converter. The dc-to-dc converter section of the ADM3053 works on principles that are common to most modern power supplies.

The ADI chips ADM3053BRWZ is extremely immune and can be affected only by extremely large currents operated at high frequency very close to the component.


For the 1 MHz example, a 0.5 kA current must be placed 5 mm away from the ADM3053 to affect component operation.

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To learn more about the ANALOG DEVICES INC(ADI) electronic components and parts ADM3053BRWZ-REEL7, please click the ADM3053BRWZ datasheet.

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