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Rantle is the most trusted and reliable manufacturer for any electronic components. We own a wide selection of electrical components outlet including ADI/LINEAR LT3471EDD#TRPBF. Our products are reliable and in good quality which is suit for your requirements.


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The ADI/LINEAR LT3471EDD dual switching regulator combines two 42V, 1.3A switches with error amplifiers that can sense to ground providing boost and inverting capability.

The low VCESAT bipolar switches enable the device to deliver high current outputs in a small footprint.

The LT3471EDD#PBF switches at 1.2MHz, allowing the use of tiny, low cost and low profi le inductors and capacitors.

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The LT3471EDD switches are rated at 42V, making the device ideal for boost converters up to ±40V as well as SEPIC and fly back designs.

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Each channel can generate 5V at up to 630mA from a 3.3V supply or 5V at 510mA from four alkaline cells in a SEPIC design.

The device can be configured as two boosts, a boost, and inverter or two inverters. The LT3471EDD is available in a low profile (0.75mm) 10-lead 3mm × 3mm DFN package.

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High inrush current at start-up is eliminated using the programmable soft-start function, where an external RC sets the current ramp rate.

A constant frequency current mode PWM architecture results in low, predictable output noise that is easy to filter.

Rantle LT3471EDD#PBF uses a constant frequency, current mode control scheme to provide excellent line and load regulation. Refer to the Block Diagram. At the start of each oscillator cycle, the SR latch is set, which turns on the power switch, Q1.

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A voltage proportional to the switch current is added to a stabilizing ramp and the resulting sum is fed into the positive terminal of the PWM comparator A2.

The Linear Technology(LT) IC chips LT3471EDD#TRPBF allows for clean start-up conditions by limiting the amount of voltage rise at the output of comparator A1 and A2, which in turn limits the peak switching current.

The Linear Technology(LT) LT3471EDD has a current limit circuit not shown in the Block Diagram. The switch current is constantly monitored and not allowed to exceed the maximum switch current

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To learn more about the Linear Technology(LT)/Analog Devices Inc.(ADI) LT3471EDD, please click the LT3471EDD#TRPBF datasheet.

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