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TC4420EOA Distributor – Your Best TC4420EOA Supplier in China

Rantle is an independent MICROCHIP TC4420EOA distributor in China. We are an authorized distributor of TC4420EOA from the most popular country. We have the full capacity to distribute quality and standard TC4420EOA713. You can surely trust in Rantle when it regards on electrical components.


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The MOSFET driver input is a high-impedance, TC4420EOA is a compatible input. The input circuitry of the TC4420EOA MOSFET driver also has a “speedup” capacitor.

This helps to decrease the propagation delay times of the driver. Because of this, input signals with slow rising or falling edges should not be used.

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The MICROCHIP IC components TC4420EOA driver output is a low-impedance, CMOS, push-pull style output capable of driving a capacitive load with 6.0A peak currents.

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The MOSFET driver output is capable of withstanding 1.5A peak reverse currents of either polarity.

The MICROCHIP ic chips TC4420EOA id a 6A (peak), single-output MOSFET drivers. The TC4420EOA is an inverting driver, while the other is a non-inverting driver.

These drivers are fabricated in CMOS for lower power and more efficient operation versus bipolar drivers.

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The TC4420EOA devices have TTL/CMOS compatible inputs that can be driven as high as VDD + 0.3V or as low as –5V without upset or damage to the device.

This eliminates the need for external level-shifting circuitry and its associated cost and size.

The output swing is rail-to-rail, ensuring better drive voltage margin, especially during power-up/power-down sequencing.

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The propagational delay time is only 55 ns (typ.) and the output rise and fall times are only 25 ns into 2500 pF across the usable power supply range.

Unlike other drivers, the TC4420EOA, TC4420EOA713 are virtually latch-up proof.

They replace three or more discrete components, saving the PCB area, parts, and improving overall system reliability.

Our TC4420EOA devices has a reliable and full power performance. Rantle can highly produce any part number of devices according to your needs.

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We have the full capability to satisfy your needs. We are capable to distribute the highest quality of products.

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To learn more about the MICROCHIP electronic components and parts TC4420EOA, please click the TC4420EOA713 datasheet.

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