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Rantle is an electronic parts supplier, authorized for many lines, Rantle is also an independent stocking distributor for a wide variety of hard-to-find and obsolete electronic parts. We have lot of stock of electronic components and ready to ship including RF Digital Wireless components RFD77402.


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The RF Digital Wireless electronic components and parts RFD77402 module contain a laser emitter and corresponding drive circuitry. The laser output is Class 1 laser safety under all reasonably foreseeable conditions including single faults in compliance with IEC 60825-1:2014.

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The laser output will remain within Class 1 limits as long as the RF Digital recommended device setting are used and the operating conditions specific in this datasheet are respected.

The laser output power must not be increased by any means and no optics should be used with the intention of focusing the laser beam.

Our RFD77402 is a fully integrated microelectronic device with an embedded sensor and VCSEL. It uses ToF technology which is a highly accurate distance mapping and 3D imaging technology.

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One of the good things about our RFD77402 is it has an eye-safe invisible IR for illumination. It provides high accuracy and high repeatability. It features an I2C interface for device control and data transfer.

RFD77402 operates on supply in the range of 2.7 to 3.3V. It can be used for absolute and high accuracy distance measurements for distances ranging from 100mm to 2000mm.

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Rantle supply RFD77402 that can able to be used for user detection in IoT devices, obstacle detection, gesture recognition, etc.

Rantle can supply high-quality RF Digital Wireless components RFD77402 at competitive prices. Our products certainly suit your budget and perfect for your applications.

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Rantle is dedicated to supplying electronic components for many years. We have sufficient experience and expertise in producing outstanding components.

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