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TEA1522T Distributor - Your Primarily TEA1522T Supplier in China

Rantle was known as a skilled TEA1522T seller and distributor. We confidently distribute your own and personalized TEA1522T components with their economical and affordable cost. This component is most likely suitable for your electronics and mechanical peripheral applications.


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Rantle is capable of distributing durable and sustainable TEA1522T components since it was established. This TEA1522T component is specified for having a 650 voltage integrated switch power and operates within 80V to 276V universal supplies where you can uses in microcontroller supplies of your homes or even in your small electronic devices.

Along with it, Rantle is distributing not only the TEA1522T component but also its related products, the TEA1522T/N2 components. Both of these components more likely to operate within 0 to 75% in between with their minimum and maximum factor duties and has DIP8, SO14, and DBS9 package availability. Rantle’s long-lasting TEA1522T and TEA1522T/N2 are always available and ready for your immediate orders.

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Rantle provides you an outstanding TEA1522T and TEA1522T/N2 components parts that consist of outstanding features. It has a capability in supplying over 50W together with its efficient slim-line electronic power plug where you can apply in your personalized chargers, adapters, or PC peripherals. 

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The PHILIPS/NXP components TEA1522T is one of the basic version of the application that renders enough voltage source and efficient low-cost power supply. Moreover, specialized TEA1522T parts bear an EZ-HV SOI and BICMOS for both high power and low power voltage. An SMPS-IC controller that frankly operates into the universal mains.

Rantle Electronics is liable for distributing you a TEA1522T and TEA1522T/N2 for your business. It was just an elemental component with Opto feedback. This was configured for having adjustable protection for overcurrent supply. The TEA1522T offers advanced and standard application interfaces that are reliable and sustainable to use for fixing or repairing your electronic and mechanical devices.

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TEA1522T holds a prestigious set of features, uses, and power strengths that are perfect for your business or projects. Rantle Electronics involve in distributing well-process TEA1522T components parts that have enough memory-byte storage, 25 kHz to a switching frequency scale, and 1.5V for its inverse proportion pin voltage control.  

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Rantle is recognized as being a proficient distributor of electronic component parts since formed. We aim for satisfactory and expertise ability in distributing high-quality components that can meet your personal and prestigious demand. Our intelligence grants us to immediately and efficiently provide your desire components. Rantle will help you take your business to the top level of this electronic industry.

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For your requests and consultation of TEA1522T and TEA1522T/N2 components, please don’t hesitate to contact and communicate with us. We have 24/7 online customer-friendly personnel who will assist you with that matter. 

Learn more about the NXP TEA1522T, please click the TEA1522T datasheet.

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