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Rantle is your great TLE4935L supplier and distributor in China. We also avail its series and related electronic components. Rantle intends to reach your standard and expectations when it comes to its quality and operation. We offer high-efficient electronic components at competitive costs. You can request your specific details for your device applications. We professionally customize your desire size or capacity of  INFINEON TLE4935L for the best of your utilization.


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Rantle can provide your needed quantity of electronic components, including INFINEON TLE4935L, for your business. We are your source of any TLE4935L for every part of its applications.  Rantle TLE4935L is one of the best-selling electronic components you can also purchase. 

You can choose the most suitable electronic component for you and your business. Rantle specializes in supplying high-quality electronic components like TLE4935L locally and even abroad. You can buy our offered TLE4935L at the lowest price. We have many selections of different electronic parts with high durability. 

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Professional TLE4935L Distributor and Supplier - Rantle East Electron

Rantle professionally serves our clients with beneficial electronic components. We are the trusted TLE4935L distributor worldwide. You can already own our selling high-quality electronic components at friendly costs.

TLE4935L supplier

We organize every procedure of processing your orders without any complications. Our deep knowledge of giving satisfying assistance to our customers is what we are following. Our offered TLE4935L indeed gives your device excellent operation.

As your accountable supplier, we always ensure the best quality of our offered electronic components, especially TLE4935L. We never get tired of providing the desired electronic part of our customers. The TLE4935L has high-standard features.

TLE4935L distributor

TLE4935L Features are:

  • Automated output signal
  • Unipolar applications
  • Effective for alternating magnetic fields
  • Wide temperature capacity
  • Temperature take care of the magnetic operation
  • Secured counter to reversed polarity
  • Output protected from electrical interruptions

The INFINEON TLE4935L is effective in automotive and industrial applications. We assure you of the exact details of every aspect of the TLE4935L you purchased. This TLE4935L is a through-hole mounting type of electronic part. This electronic component operates with a 24V-3.8V voltage source range. 

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This INFINEON TLE4935L performs with about -40 °C to +150 °C operating temperature range. In Rantle, what you chose as part of the electronic component is what you can get. It has a bipolar latch magnetic type feature. 

Potential Application of TLE4935L

  • Position or closeness indicators
  • Brushless DC motor substitution
  • Whirling indexing

Rantle can provide you a guide for electronic component installations. We have operational staff to give you satisfying instructions on purchasing TLE4935L. You don’t have to worry even about the packaging. 

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We are making sure to secure materials when packaging, especially your bulk order of electronic components. Rantle also assures a complete solution for any unintentional damages when shipping your orders.

Just let us know your choice or specifications, and we responsibly customize your ordered electronic component. We are open 25/7 for your anytime inquiries and questions. Expect quick response and delivery from Rantle.

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To learn more about INFINEON electronic components and parts TLE4935L, please click the TLE4935L datasheet.

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