Your Reliable VLF12060T-150M5R0 Supplier in China

  • Reasonable Price for VLF12060T-150M5R0
  • Powerful devices that save more important space from computer
  • Has 20% toleration
  • 1ooK Hz inductor chain
  • Can be managed temperature that exceeds 105°C
  • VLF12060T-150M5R0
  • VLF12060T-150M5R0

RANTLE VLF12060T-150M5R0 is an integrated powerful inductor.

Perfectly useful for mobile phones DC-DC.

A transformer type plug coil.

These are DC Resistance (DCR) and have ferrite material core.

y having VLF12060T-150M5R0, more great worth spaces possibly saved automatically in PC.

A surface elevated power chain type.

VLF12060T-150M5R0 products are operated with wire round engineering.

Typically shipped in tape and reel packaging materials.

These have common max resistance helpful in having components to be mounted.

VLF12060T-150M5R0 Supplier

RANTLE VLF12060T-150M5R0 been attribute having wire round for 15uH 20% and ferrite 0.026Ohm DCR T/R materialized.

With these powerful devices, consumer will save more important space on PC.

Though, these are featured with exact size dimensions of 12.3 mm length, 6 mm long and 12 mm deep.

It have usual limited resistance of 26m Ohm with 20% toleration.

VLF12060T-150M5R0 has inspected frequency for about 100K Hz.

An inductor chain with compliance certification by RoHS.

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Reliable VLF12060T-150M5R0 Distributor in China - Rantle East Electronic

RANTLE VLF12060T-150M5R0 types are available in Wire Wound, Magnetic Shield, Ferrite Core.

These are original types that give advantages in computer utilizing.

In commercial levels, this chain device is very applicable. These are essentially on the reflow soldering system, with lead-free station.

These are alternative chain types for smoothest computer operations.


Enhanced raw materials are used on the fabricating process.

Generally, the VLF12060T-150M5R0 inductor series is defined as having small sizes, with low-outline design.

High-quality designs are offered reasonable prices in markets.

And having different excellent quality categories: coils, inductors, chains, and stable inductors.

All VLF12060T-150M5R0 categories are basically on obsolete fragment status.

Its current had rated within 5A and intensity current with 5A.

Guaranteed having shielded and magnetic substance.


Plus, VLF12060T-150M5R0 has a DC resistance of 26mOhm Max.

These can only be managed for -40°C ~ 105°C temperatures.

Positioned height is up to 0.236″ (6.00mm) and 2.91g width.

RANTLE  VLF12060T-150M5R0 is much useful and either applicable in cable assembly.

These are most complimented products in RANTLE enterprises that is good through general purposes.

VLF12060T-150M5R0 distributor

Available on highest product aspect yet very inexpensive suggested rates.

By adding up VLF12060T-150M5R0 in to your business, faster growth will anticipate.

We, RANTLE have known for our best manufacturing and distribution quality.

We are a trusted distributor for all over years.

You can find the magnificent quality of VLF12060T-150M5R0 with thousand stocks. Order as many as you can.

In any quantity designs, RANTLE has powerfully provided each of your needs sufficiently.

For all engineered electronic units, we are allowed to distribute internationally.

We believe that relying upon your own requirements is more helpful to have linked business partnerships.

VLF12060T-150M5R0 label

Hard-to-find electrical components?

There`s no problem.

We offered complete designs here at RANTLE. Furthermore, we prioritize bulking of orders.

Safer and most efficient way of shipping bulk orders are predictable.

We are your IC providers and gives chain solutions nationwide.

Gainful VLF12060T-150M5R0 computer chains are precisely on-markets.

All different computer chain types are proposed economically.

In process of business broadening, these products actually helps you in a good way.

It opens the chance to gain higher profits.


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