Your No.1 4605X-101-472LF Supplier in China

  • 10 ohms up to 10 megaohms resistance range
  • 200vrms dielectric voltage
  • -55 C to about +125 C operating temperature range
  • ±0.25 %. A ±0.50% soldering heat resistance
  • ±0.50% moisture resistance
  • ±1.00 load life
  • 4605X-101-472LF
  • 4605X-101-472LF

Whether your applications or your business concerns with a dependable quality 4605X-101-472LF, you can always make RANTLE as your supplier.

RANTLE is a helpful and reputable fast-growing electronic parts distribution company in China.

We are able to supply premium quality 4605X-101-472LF with a low profile and DIPs compatibility.

4605X-101-472LF Supplier

For us to meet your standards, we have a wide assortment of reliable quality 4605X-101-472LF with enhanced flexibility useful in every application needed.

All our trusted quality 4605X-101-472LF have a marking on its contrasting background for permanent identification.

In order to give you the best solution you need, RANTLE is supplying a wide array of premium quality 4605X-101-472LF with a resistance range from 10 ohms up to 10 megaohms.

RANTLE is also a supplier of the best quality 4605X-101-472LF which can operate in a maximum of 100 V operating voltage.

To give you the best performance you need, RANTLE’s excellent quality 4605X-101-472LF is designed with a minimum of 10,000 megaohms insulation resistance.

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Reliable 4605X-101-472LF Distributor in China - Rantle East Electronic

Our reliable quality 4605X-101-472LF is also fabricated with a 200vrms withstanding dielectric voltage for full utilization.

To make sure that you get the most out of our 4605X-101-472LF, it is specifically designed with an operating temperature range from -55 C to about +125 C.

It also supports a terminal strength as well as a terminal shock up to ±0.25 %.

A ±0.50% soldering heat resistance is also supported by our superior quality 4605X-101-472LF.

4605X-101-472LF Distributor

Aside from that, our excellent quality 4605X-101-472LF is equipped with a ±1.00 load life and a ±0.50% moisture resistance.

Whatever application intended, RANTLE can give the most accurate electronic parts.

In China, we are recognized as the most professional and reputable distributor of electronic components for the above 16 years.

Even those obsolete or hard-to-locate 4605X-101-472LF, RANTLE can help you find.

If you are searching for a trusted and reliable supplier of 4605X-101-472LFand various electronic components, don’t forget to consider RANTLE!

At RANTLE, we have an unlimited stock for all types of electronic parts.

Whether you are in military, aerospace transportation, medical, computers or other industry, RANTLE can help you find the exact electronic parts you need.

No doubt, RANTLE is a trusted distributor!

We have established and maintained a good reputation as the best supplier in China.

With the cooperation of our expert and approachable sales team, we are able to give your most valuable services.

Buy 4605X-101-472LF

If you buy 4605X-101-472LF from us, we will give you reasonable cost.

We also offer you rapid delivery for every order of electronic parts.

Within 1-5 days after receiving your payments, we will deliver your orders.

At RANTLE, no doubt, you can get the exact product you ordered!

We are 24/7 available to give you further details about our 4605X-101-472LF. Inquire now!

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