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  • fast speed switching
  • 45W power dissipation
  • 68 A pulse drain current
  • 0.30W/˚C linear derating factor
  • IRFU024N
  • IRFU024N

RANTLE is a professional supplier of the highest-quality IRFU024NPBF in China.

As an expert distributor, we are committed to provide you the best quality IRFU024N for your types of applications.

In respect to that, RANTLE is supplying an excellent quality IRFU024N which is the HEXFET’s fifth generation from the International Rectifier.

IRFU024N Supplier

The premium quality IRFU024N supplied by RANTLE uses an advanced technique of processing in order to achieve the possible lowest on-resistance every silicon area.

With this benefit, RANTLE’s superior quality IRFU024N is combined together with the latest fast speed switching.

Also, RANTLE’s trusted quality IRFU024NPBF is supplied with ruggedized design.

This will provide you with the most extreme and efficient device that can be used in a vast array of applications.

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Primarily, RANTLE’s premium quality IRFU024NPBF is specifically designed for any surface mounting through using the infrared, wave soldering and vapor phase techniques.

RANTLE also supplies excellent quality IRFU024N which can be used in mounting through-hole applications.

For that, the power dissipation of our best quality IRFU024N can take to about 1.5 watts.

This makes our high-quality IRFU024N possible and ideal for applications typically surface mounting.

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Reliable IRFU024NPBF Distributor in China - Rantle East Electronic

To provide you the best solution, we distribute the best quality IRFU024N with a maximum of 7 A continuous drain current.

It is also incorporated with 68 A pulse drain current as well as a maximum of 45W power dissipation.

Aside from that, RANTLE is also a reliable independent distributor of superior quality IRFU024N with 10 A avalanche current.

It is also equipped with 4.5mJ repetitive avalanche energy.

A maximum of 0.30W/˚C linear derating factor is integrated into our highest-quality IRFU024NPBF for a maximum level of performance you need.

RANTLE is a distribution company led by an excellent management system, integrated with the quality, technology, marketing-centered and more valuable services.

Because of this, we are recognized as the most trusted and verified supplier and distributor of excellent quality electronic parts including IRFU024Nin China.

IRFU024N price

Choose to source high-quality IRFU024NPBF from RANTLE.

You can 100% guarantee that our electronic components are functional and original.

We also have sufficient IRFU024Nand other electronic part stocks for your urgent and wholesale demands.

To assure you quality products, all our IRFU024NPBF have undergone quality, and careful testing as well as inspection.

In China, RANTLE is a leader in sourcing electronic components.

Therefore, you can always trust RANTLE.

We highly recommend you to source reliable quality IRFU024N from RANTLE.

Whether your applications or business requires dependable IRFU024N, trust RANTLE to be your top supplier!

RANTLE is a verified and certified independent supplier and distributor of high-quality electronic parts including IRFU024N in China.

IRFU024N Distributor

For more than 16 years in the industry, we have gained many experiences in the field.

Thus, we are recognized as the world-leading distributor and supplier.

Contact us today and be one of our business partners!

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