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  • Competitive price for TLOH262
  • has 80-degree viewing angle
  • 20mA test current
  • 2.5 V forward voltage
  • 125mW power dissipation
  • TLOH262
  • TLOH262

RANTLE is a distributor of excellent quality TLOH262 in China.

The best quality TLOH262 distributed by RANTLE is a Uni-color LED orange 612nm 2-pin.

Our top-quality TLOH262 has only 1 LED with a circular shape lens type.

The lens appearance of our superior quality TLOH262 is colorless non-diffused.

TLOH262 supplier

At RANTLE, we offer premium quality TLOH262 top mount mounting operation.

It can give an intensity which can take up to 450mcd.

To give you the best performance you need, RANTLE supplies a high-quality TLOH262 which has a 612nm peak wavelength.

You can also avail of our reliable TLOH262 with an 80-degree viewing angle.

At RANTLE, purchase our dependable quality TLOH262 that can operate a maximum of 50 mA forward current.

A 20mA test current will also be provided by our trusted quality TLOH262.

RANTLE offers an innovative TLOH262 specially designed with a maximum of 2.5 V forward voltage to give you an optimal solution so as to meet your demands.

To suit your requirements, RANTLE provides the top-quality TLOH262 which gives off 4 V reverse voltage.

Its maximum power dissipation only takes up to 125mW to make sure that it only consumes very low power.

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Reliable TLOH262 Distributor in China - Rantle East Electronic

Moreover, you can assure the quality of our TLOH262 since it can operate in a minimum of -30 C and maximum of 85 C operating temperature.

A through hole mounting is also equipped into our premium quality TLOH262.

Aside from that, our highest-quality TLOH262 also provides a high brightness.

You can surely find the right TLOH262 at RANTLE!

RANTLE has over 16 years of experience in supplying the highest-quality TLOH262 and other electronic components.

As a reputable distributor in the market, we know that clients and customers’ demand for electronic parts keep on changing.

For this reason that RANTLE plays its important role as an independent supplier in China.

TLOH262 Distributor

Purchase your TLOH262 order from RANTLE!

For more than 16 years, RANTLE is known to be a reputable and expert supplier of the best quality TLOH262and more electronic components.

Aside from that, RANTLE is dedicated to provide you the fastest delivery of your TLOH262order.

Moreover, RANTLE also gives reasonable cost so we can help you achieve your business’ success.

RANTLE also employed expert team for quality control.

Rest assured that your TLOH262are functional, authentic and in excellent condition.

We also supply trusted quality electronic parts for industries such as aerospace, military, computer, transportation, peripherals, medical and more.

Whether you have to source an exact TLOH262and other electronic components, our customer service personnel are 24/7 ready to assist you!

Buy TLOH262

If you want to save efforts and cost, RANTLE is the best supplier!

It is our specialty to provide quality assurance.

Therefore, you can always rely on and trust RANTLE!

Be one of RANTLE’s satisfied customers today!

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