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ADE-2+ Distributor - Your ADE-2 Supplier in China

Rantle serving as a leading distributor of electronic components in China. Rantle supplies electronic products like the ADE-2+. We enterprise solutions to give satisfying service to our clients. Rantle is an obsolete electronic part and component supplier.  Rantle introduces electronics designs, applications, and sales for our supplies and products. 

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Rantle supplies a series of  MINI ADE-2+  which are highly reliable.  The ADE-2+ is a surface mount a frequency mixer with 5 – 1000 MHz. This device is for RF,  systems DC to 86 GHz, and microwave components.

If you are looking for Mini-Circuits ADE-2+, Rantle is the right place to be! Rantle covers a series of ADE-2+ and related products like ADE-2 as low-cost versions. We offer ADE-2+ and ADE-2 that are low profile package. You can have a wide range of ADE-2+  from us that can be sourced and commercialized throughout the world.

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Rantle East Electronic - Reliable ADE-2+ Supplier and Distributor in China

To get various ADE-2+  available for your project, you can send us your queries. Rantle distributes ADE-2+ and ADE-2 components that are RoHS compliant.

These parts are active and readily available anytime you needed. Ideally used for your cellular and  PCS projects.  

ADE-2+ supplier

Rantle supplies a series of ADE-2+  which are durable and scalable. These devices have aqueous washable features. 

The Mini-Circuits ADE-2+  has patent 6,133,525 protected by the U.S. It also has featured excellent L-R isolation of 47 dB typ.

If your device needs a frequency mixer, add ADE-2+ from Rantle. Over a decade of years, Rantle offers high-end series of ADE-2+ .

These components are designed to operate from -40°C to 85°C temperature range. Our ADE-2+ can ship immediately.

ADE-2+ distributor

Rantle is a professional distributor and supplier of ADE-2+ which has RF power of 50mW. These electronic components also consist of an IF current of 40mA. The ADE-2+ is recognized in the international market as it is primarily for compatible.  

Rantle grants you delivery for your ADE-2+ and ADE-2 at your convenient time and place. Just simply send us your orders with your specifications and our expert support team will handle the ordering process.

With our top couriers, you will have an undamaged, brand-new, and unopened products delivered. We also implement a 1-month warranty service on series  ADE-2+  with the most suitable technology from us.

If you need a series relating to ADE-2+ contact us now. 

Learn more about the ADE-2+, please click the ADE-2+ datasheet.

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