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  • High-speed integrated isolation digital communication
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  • High-voltage isolation DC-DC power converters
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The AS1860 supplied by RANTLE integrates the isolation technology of AkrosGreenEdge with the Power-over-Ethernet next-generation PD.

High-speed integrated isolation digital communication is equipped into our AS1860.

It will provide a 90W to a secondary isolated side which comprised an independent four outputs.

With its 90W, our AS1860 has the can produce a PoE new range PD.

It also offers a solution that will greatly expand the PoE in the markets.

RANTLE’s AS1860 has a 90W capability to fully compatible with Type 1 and Type 2 PD compliant.

As an addition, our AS1860 is incorporated with a quad-output digital and high-voltage isolation DC-DC power converters.

By this, it will result in full power management and PoE solution in minimal external single device components.

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Reliable AS1860 Distributor in China - Rantle East Electronic

Our AS1860 encompasses a lot of features including DC-DC primary-side controller.

It also has a digitally optimized DC-DC high-efficiency controller.

It also has a primary programmable clock frequency and a 9.5V local-power operation.

Moreover, RANTLE’s AS1860 is also equipped with a Power secondary-side outputs.

Along with that, we also offer AS1860 which has PWM programmable frequencies that are synched to an external clock and a DC-DC controller to be used in Boost, LED boost and Buck platform applications.

For more than 16 years, we are supplying an AS1860 with power management.

AS1860 supplier

This includes start-up hardware programmable power sequencing.

For maximum performance, RANTLE’s AS1860 is furnished with a watchdog programmable timer.

Our AS1860 is also powered with a power-good individual output management.

For each output, voltage margining is provided by RANTLE’s AS1860.

As the leading distributor, our AS1860 is compatible with 5V µC.

It also has an interrupt on every alarm service.

AS1860 from RANTLE is integrated with a short-circuit, over-current and over/under-voltage protection.

You can use RANTLE’s AS1860 for Voice-over-IP phone applications.

If you have WAP or wireless LAN applications, RANTLE’s AS1860 is the best choice.

For PTZ cameras or IP camera uses, you can utilize our AS1860.

Are you working with fiber-to-the-home terminals?

Choose RANTLE’s AS1860 as an important device.

Point-of-sale terminals, as well as RFID readers, can also utilize our AS1860.

For your business and desired applications, RANTLE can give you the best quality AS1860.

AS1860 Distributor

Through years of experience, we know deeply how distributing and supplying process works.

We also know that clients’ needs are developing.

That is why we supply AS1860 with diverse options for your specific needs.

We are always ready to help you locate the most accurate electronic components.

RANTLE offers a reasonable rate and faster delivery of AS1860.

If you transact with us, we will give you a hassle-free transaction.

Thus, we can help you save you time and money.

With that, we can help your business achieve its success.

At RANTLE, we employed a professional knowledgeable and friendly customer service team.

They willfully guide and support you throughout the process.

Even after-sales services are fully offered.

Trust RANTLE when it comes to electronic component sourcing.

What are you waiting for?

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