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CS4344-CZZ Distributor - Your Primarily CS4344-CZZ Supplier in China

Rantle was your expert CS4344-CZZ seller and distributor in China. We assuredly provide your particular and specific CS4344-CZZ components with their practical and affordable cost. This much likely is suitable for all your electronics and mechanical peripheral application business.


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Rantle is liable for distributing sturdy and withstand CS4344-CZZ electronic components since it was built.  CS4344-CZZ was detailed for comprises of TSSOP-10 pin package along with a converter resolution of 24-bit. An essential chip component that runs up to +3.3V to +5V power operating voltage together with the de-emphasis digital chip components. It is beneficial for microcontroller supplies and small electronic devices found oat your home.

Moreover, Rantle also distributing CS4344-CZZ related products, the CS4344-CZZR electronic chip segment. These components are able to operate for at least 105-dB for Dynamic Range, and will possibly reach 192 kHz for Frequency Rate. Rantle CS4344-CZZ and CS4344-CZZR are always in stock and ready to ship anytime you needed it.

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Rantle provides an eminent CS4344-CZZ and CS4344-CZZR electronic chip components dwelling with special features. It has a method for selecting automatic sample speed rates between 2kHz to 200 kHz more likely required for supporting circuits. These chips are much like ideal for DVD players, recorders, televisions, automotive audio systems, set-top box products, home theater, and other applications. 

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The CIRRUS LOGIC CS4344-CZZ and CS4344-CZZR can work in -10 to +85 °C in commercial-grade while -40 to +85 °C in automotive-grade. It bears enough storage and sufficient voltage power amount in able to support major interface data format. Furthermore, it has a multi-bit and delta-sigma modulator with a  low-pass filter of a linear analog.

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Rantle Electronics is your trusted CIRRUS LOGIC CS4344-CZZ and CS4344-CZZR distributor for your electrical and machine businesses. This was configured with an impressive set of design and process for its long-lasting and liability to use. The CS4344-CZZ features -90 dB THD+N, features with clock-jitter sensitivity, and filtered line-level component outputs. A technology base electronic chip component for your personal devices.

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For almost a decade in this electronic business, Rantle Electronics continuously holds a  prestigious set of features, uses, and power strengths that are perfect for your business or projects. Rantle keeps its position to be on top and maintains the purity of producing and distributing well-process electronic components parts that have enough storage, useful in determining exact channel of a specific input/output data can auto-catch speed of used application just like the CS4344-CZZ chip components.

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Rantle is recognized as a dominant distributor of electronic component parts since organized. We aim for satisfactory and expertise ability in distributing the highest-quality electronic components that can absolutely meet your personal and prestigious demand. Our intelligence grants us to accurately and instantly lend your desire components. Rantle will help you take your business to the top level of this electronic industry.

For your requests and consultation of CS4344-CZZ and CS4344-CZZR electronic components, please don’t hesitate to contact and communicate with us. We have 24/7 online customer-friendly personnel who will assist you with that matter. 

Learn more about the CS4344-CZZR, please click the CS4344-CZZ datasheet.

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