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  • Fast shipment with FSUSB42MUX
  • Low On Capacitance: 3.7pF Typical
  • Wide -3db Bandwidth: > 720MHz
  • Over-Voltage Tolerance (OVT) on all USB Ports Up to 5.25V without External Components
  • Low Power Consumption: 1μA Maximum

RANTLE FSUSB42MUX has low power, high speed and bi-directional and two-port USB 2.0 switch. It is configurable with double-throw and double-pole switch.

It is to optimize between two switching hi-speed sources.  It also has high and full speed up to 12Mbps source.

FSUSB42MUX Supplier

RANTLE FSUSB42MUX is also adaptable with the needs of USB 2.0. it features very low capacitance up to 3.7pF.

RANTLE’sFSUSB42MUX bandwidth of 720MHz overreach the needed bandwidth to reach the third harmonic. It results in the minimum edge of signals and distortion of phases.

Our FSUSB42MUX is also designed with channel-to-channel crosstalk that helps to reduce interference. It also has an advanced circuitry on the I/O switch pins for VCC supply applications when powered off. This helps the device to resist over-voltage conditions.

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FSUSB42MUX Features

FSUSB42MUX Features

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Reliable FSUSB42MUX Distributor in China - Rantle East Electronic

RANTLE’s FSUSB42MUX is designed to reduce the current consumption especially when voltage control is applied to SEL pin which has lower voltage supply. It features low capacitance typically up to 3.7pF. It also has typical 3.9Ω low resistance and ESD 8kV rating. RANTLE’s FSUSB42MUX has maximum of 1μA -15μA ICCT over larger voltage range. It has a very low consumption of power.

Additionally, RANTLE FSUSB42MUX features -3dB wide bandwidth up to 720MHz. It is packaged with a 10-lead UMLP and 10-lead MSOP. Our FSUSB42MUX has 16kV ESD and GND power rating. It also provides 5.25V over-voltage endurance for Universal Serial Bus ports with no external components.

FSUSB42MUX Distributor

Furthermore, RANTLE FSUSB42MUX is very valuable for portable applications. These applications usually include cellphones which allows direct interface which has general purposes such as I/Os base band processor. It also has vast range of uses typically for PDAs, notebooks and computers. It is very applicable on digital cameras and switching sharing and connector sharing in cellphones. It is also suitable for printers, TV, set-top box and LCD monitors.

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FSUSB42MUX Description

FSUSB42MUX Description

FSUSB42MUX Applications

FSUSB42MUX Applications

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