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  • Competitive price for LAN9514i-JZX
  • Four downstream ports, one upstream port
  • Integrated 10/100 Ethernet MAC with full-duplex support
  • Integrated 10/100 Ethernet PHY with HP Auto-MDIX
  • Implements Reduced Power Operating Modes
  • LAN9514i-JZX

RANTLE LAN9514i-JZX is designed with four main downstream ports with one main upstream port. It also has four USB 2.0 PHYs integrated downstream. One USB 2.0 PHY integrated upstream is also available.

Our LAN9514i-JZX has full-duplex supported 10/100 integrated ethernet MAC. We offer LAN9514i-JZX that is HP auto-MDIX supported 10/100 integrated ethernet PHY. It also has operating modes that reduced power consumption.

RANTLE LAN9514i-JZX has reduced BOM cost and 25 single MHz crystal. This minimizes the cost of crystals for ethernet and USB. It has fixed Power-on-Reset circuit.

LAN9514i-JZX Supplier

RANTLE LAN9514i-JZX is a USB 2.0 specification compliant and compatible with HS which has 480Mbps. It is also adaptable with LS that has 1.5Mbps and FS with 12Mbps.

We have LAN9514i-JZX that has disable and port mapping support. RANTLE LAN9514i-JZX offers diff-pair programmable USB pin location. It also has programmable signal USB drive strength. RANTLE LAN9514i-JZX supports USB peripheral permanently hardwired device by a port to port basis. RANTLE LAN9514i-JZX features improved power saving mode.

If the port power is disabled the PHY downstream goes power mode. It has integrated pull up and down USB termination. It also has interior short-circuit protection for different USB signal pins. RANTLE LAN9514i-JZX has a comprehensive power management or power control for each port downstream.

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LAN9514i-JZX Key Features

LAN9514i-JZX Key Features



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RANTLE LAN9514i-JZX has 10/100 high-performance ethernet controller. It has full 100BASE-TX and 10BASE-T support. It also features CRC generation automatic 32-bit checking.

Our LAN9514i-JZX has automatic pad removal, payload padding and loop-back modes. It also has checksum TCP/UDP offload support and filtering flexible address mode. RANTLE LAN9514i-JZX has one perfect 48-bit address and multicast 64 hash-filtered address.

It also provides pass multicast, inverse filtering and promiscuous mode. This device also supports wakeup packet and integrated PHY ethernet. This also has auto-negotiation, energy detect and automatic correction and polarity detection.

Furthermore, RANTLE LAN9514i-JZX is designed with eight GPIOs, I/Os and power. It also supports bus and self-powered operation and 1.8V core internal supply regulator.

LAN9514i-JZX Distributor

It has elective EEPROM with 24MHz optional reference clock for partner hub output. RANTLE LAN9514i-JZX also provides boundary scan and commercial temperature ranging from 0°C to up to 70°C. It is lead-free and RoHS compliant with -40°C to +85°C industrial temperature. It also has air-gap discharge up to ±15kV and contact mode up to ±8kV


Moreover, RANTLE LAN9514i-JZX has a lot of application typically include game consoles. It is also ideal for desktop PC and notebooks application. Printers and docking stations can also use RANTLE LAN9514i-JZX. As well as for embedded systems, our LAN9514i-JZX can perfectly be used.


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LAN9514/LAN9514i Overview

LAN9514/LAN9514i Overview

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