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IT8888F Supplier – The Best IT8888F Distributor in China

Rantle is an expert ITE IT8888F distributor and supplier in China. We have quality IT8888F which is best and suited to your needs. We supply reliable electric components with an outstanding performance in various applications. Avail our top-grade IT8888F.


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The ITE IC IT8888F has a PCI specification v2.1 compliant 32-bit PCI bus interface and supports both PCI Bus master and slave. The PCI interface supports both programmable positive and full subtractive decoding schemes.

Our IT8888F also integrates two enhanced DMA slave controllers for achieving PCI DMA cycles. It also implements the optional fast positive decode of F,E,D,C memory segments this special feature can provide a direct connection to a FALSH boot ROM.

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Your Expert Distributor of IT8888F in China – RANTLE East Electronic

The ITE IC components IT8888F features an enhanced hardware monitor providing 3 thermal inputs from remote thermal resistors, or thermal diode or diode-connected transistor

Integrated in the IT8888F are 12 logical devices. One high-performance 2.88MB floppy disk controller, with digital data separator, supporting two drives in 360K/ 720K/ 1.2M/ 1.44M/ 2.88M format.

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One multi-mode high-performance parallel port supporting the bi-directional Standard Parallel Port the Enhanced Parallel Port and the IEEE 1284 compliant Extended Capabilities Port.

The ITE IC parts IT8888F standard compatible enhanced UARTs perform asynchronous communication, and also support an IR interface.

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The device also features one fan speed controller which controls three and monitors five fans, and six GPIO ports controlling up to 42 GPIO pins. The IT8888F also has an integrated Keyboard Controller.

These 12 logical devices can be individually enabled or disabled via software configuration registers. The IT8888F utilizes power-saving circuitry to reduce power consumption, and once a logical device is disabled the inputs are inhibited with the clock disabled and the outputs are tri-stated.

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The device requires a single 24/48 MHz clock input and operates with +5V/3.3V power supply. The ITE IC chips IT8888F is available in 128-pin QFP.

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