Your Professional MAB03048 Supplier in China

  • 5000 DC/DC modules
  • 3W built-in converters
  • 80% efficiency
  • ±2.0% voltage accuracy
  • –40 to about +100°C stored temperature
  • 9 V up to 18 V voltage input range
  • MAB03048
  • MAB03048

In China, RANTLE becomes a verified and most trusted MAB03048 supplier.

Excellent quality MAB03048 distributed by RANTLE is a part of the MAB03048 power box series.

It is also a 2:1 3W dual and single DC/DC output converter.

The top-quality MAB03048 supplied by RANTLE offers more than 5000 DC/DC modules.

In this reason, RANTLE’s best quality MAB03048 is one of the markets’ wide which ranges from 1 W to about 60 W.

This also comes in a standard industry pinout and package.

Power modules equipped into our highest-quality MAB03048 offer quick time to a market solution with a nearly DC/DC low power conversion.

MAB03048 Supplier

Aside from that, RANTLE’s premium quality MAB03048 is built with a 3W converters and input Pi filter for a higher EMC performance.

For an advanced solution, we also distribute a top-quality MAB03048 regulated output.

Advanced protection is also offered by our excellent quality MAB03048 since it is equipped with continuous short-circuit protection.

For its suitability in your applications, we supply trusted quality MAB03048 with ON/OFF remote option.

Thus, RANTLE’s premium quality MAB03048 can provide efficiency up to 80%.

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Reliable MAB03048 Distributor in China - Rantle East Electronic

Other than that, RANTLE’s best quality MAB03048 can operate in a range of voltage input from 9 V up to 18 V.

A maximum of ±2.0% voltage accuracy is also integrated into our highest-quality M03048.

Additionally, RANTLE’s premium quality MAB03048 can provide a maximum of ±0.5% single load regulation.

Enable for you to fully utilize our reliable quality MAB03048, we are engaged in the distribution of high-quality specifically designed with maximum of ±0.5% single or dual line regulation.

Moreover, we supply dependable MAB03048 which can be stored in a temperature of –40 to about +100°C.

At RANTLE, we got everything you need for a reliable electronic part including MAB03048.

We are committed in providing an exact electronic part for all types of applications.

RANTLE is also recognized as a professional and reputable distributor in China for more than 16 years.

Throughout the years, we are able to attain the trust of many customers and business firms around the world. Therefore, you can also trust RANTLE!

In order to support your business, we offer the best price and cost-sensitive MAB03048.

MAB03048 Distributor

We also do rapid delivery for your order of MAB03048. In this way, we can help you save effort, time and money.

Plus, all our products such as MAB03048, are tested and carefully inspected by our team of professional for quality control.

This is to ensure excellent functionality, authenticity and good condition upon arriving your place.

Certainly, your business is in good hands if you make transactions with RANTLE!

Together with our approachable and friendly customer service team, we can provide a hassle-free transaction.

At RANTLE, you can have the best buying experience you never had before!

Contact us today so we can give you further details about our MAB03048!

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