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  • Competitive Price for HD64F2134AFA20V
  • 32-bit configuration
  • 16-Mbyte CPU address space
  • 8-bit timer and 2 timers of PWM
  • 32-bit internal CPU core
  • HD64F2134AFA20V
  • HD64F2134AFA20V

The highest-quality HD64F2134AFA20V is comprised of a high-performance microcomputer.

It is consisting of a 32-bit internal CPU core.

Excellent quality HD64F2134AFA20V supplied by RANTLE also comes with an on-chip supporting set of functions highly required for a system configuration.

HD64F2134AFA20V Supplier

The premium quality HD64F2134AFA20V CPU can also perform the basic instructions in only one state.

Internal 16-bit general registers are also supported by RANTLE’s superior quality HD64F2134AFA20V.

It also comes with a configuration of 32-bit.

Aside from that, RANTLE’s top-quality HD64F2134AFA20V is equipped with an optimized and concise instruction set for a maximum performance level.

The CPU of our high-quality HD64F2134AFA20V can hold a linear 16-Mbyte address space.

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Additionally, RANTLE is a professional supplier of trusted quality HD64F2134AFA20V which can efficiently run the programs based in the language high-level C.

In order to provide a flexible and quick response to a condition, RANTLE distributes a reliable HD64F2134AFA20V highly designed with a FLASH memory single-power supply and ROM mask version.

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Reliable HD64F2134AFA20V Distributor in China - Rantle East Electronic

Even from ramp-up through a full-scale production volume as well as applications with recurrently changing specifications, RANTLE’s excellent quality can offer a flexible and faster response.

The peripheral on-chip functions of our dependable quality HD64F2134AFA20V include a free-running 16-bit timer (FRT).

Other than that, it also includes a watchdog timer, 8-bit timer, 2 timers of PWM and host interface is also offered by RANTLE’s premium quality HD64F2134AFA20V.

A serial communication interface, D/A converter as well as I/O ports are equipped into our premium quality HD64F2134AFA20V for a better solution.

In China, RANTLE is an independent distributor of high-quality HD64F2134AFA20V which provides a data transfer on-chip controller.

This feature enables a high-speed transfer of data without the CPU intervention.

HD64F2134AFA20V Distributor

RANTLE’s proven quality HD64F2134AFA20V allows high-performance and compact systems to be easily implemented.

Moreover, RANTLE’s high-quality HD64F2134AFA20V possesses enhance functions that can support an operating sub clock mode.

All the on-chip supporting set of functions can be offered with the IIC module optionally.

Because of that, RANTLE’s premium quality HD64F2134AFA20V can be best used in applications like a notebook, intelligent and PC keyboard.

Furthermore, RANTLE is highly equipped with timer functions and timer connections.

That is why our superior quality HD64F2134AFA20V is perfectly suitable for PC monitor use.

Also, RANTLE’s HD64F2134AFA20V combines the reduce function and flash versions.

This makes our dependable HD64F2134AFA20V highly dependable for applications including system units will meet the performance requirement through an on-chip memory program.

At RANTLE, you can surely find what you’re looking for!

If you need to source a high-quality HD64F2134AFA20V for your business, always rely on RANTLE!

We are known as the world-leading supplier and distributor of highest-quality electronic components based on China.

For more than 16 years, we are engaged in providing more customers with the most valuable services we have.

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