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RANTLE is an independent SA58631TK distributor. Utilizing exceptional processing mechanics, we supply a greatly efficient and trustworthy SA58631TK component. Excellently use a wide assortment of economic and industrial utilization.


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PHILIPS/NXP SA58631TK can be used in a wide application. It can be used in professional and amateur mobile radio, portable consumer products like toys and games, and in personal computer remote speakers.

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The NXP SA58631TK is a one-channel audio amplifier in an HVSON8 package. It provides a power output of 3 W with an 8 Ω load at a 9 V supply. The internal circuit is comprised of a BTL amplifier with a complementary PNP-NPN output stage and standby logic.

The PHILIPS/NXP SA58631TK is housed in an 8-pin HVSON package which has an exposed die attach paddle enabling reduced thermal resistance and increased power dissipation.

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Rantle SA58631TK features a low junction-to-ambient thermal resistance using exposed die attach paddle, the gain can be fixed with external resistors from 6 dB to 30 dB and standby mode controlled by CMOS-compatible levels.

Aside from that it also features a low standby current < 10 µA, No switch-on/switch-off plops, High power, and thermal shutdown protection.

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The SA58631TK device is a single-channel BTL audio amplifier capable of delivering 3 W output power to an 8 Ω load using a 9 V power supply. Using the MODE pin, the device can be switched to standby and mute condition.

Rantle SA58631TK is protected by an internal thermal shutdown protection mechanism. The gain can be set within a range of 6 dB to 30 dB by external feedback resistors.

This SA58631TK device is in Standby mode if the voltage at the MODE pin is greater than VCC − 0.5 V, or if this pin is floating.

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At a MODE voltage in the range between 1.5 V and VCC − 1.5 V, the amplifier is in a mute condition. The mute condition is useful to suppress plop noise at the output, caused by the charging of the input capacitor.

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Learn more about the NXP SA58631TK, please click the SA58631TK datasheet.

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