Your Professional SSP-T7-F-32.768kHz-12.5pf Supplier in China

  • suitable for a high-density
  • +25±5ºC turnover temperature
  • 1.0μW absolute drive level
  • ±3 x 10-6 frequency aging
  • Up to 65kΩ motional resistance
  • SSP-T7-F-32.768kHz-12.5pf
  • SSP-T7-F-32.768kHz-12.5pf

In China, RANTLE becomes a renowned independent distributor of the highest-quality SSP-T7-F-32.768kHz-12.5pf which is very useful in broad applications.

At RANTLE, you can guarantee that all products including SSP-T7-F-32.768kHz-12.5pf are authentic.

The excellent quality SSP-T7-F 32.768KHZ 12.5PF 20PP from RANTLE is a thin type with a maximum height of only 1.4mm.

Other than that, we are supplying the best quality SSP-T7-F 32.768KHZ 12.5PF 20PP which is an SMD type.

SSP-T7-F-32.768kHz-12.5pf label

This makes our trusted quality SSP-T7-F-32.768kHz-12.5pf suitable for a high-density and automatic surface mounting.

For an optimized solution to offer, our superior quality SSP-T7-F 32.768KHZ 12.5PF 20PP is highly integrated with excellent heat and shock resistance.

You can also assure that RANTLE’s reliable quality SSP-T7-F-32.768kHz-12.5pf is safe because these are all halogen-free.

In support to that, our dependable quality SSP-T7-F-32.768kHz-12.5pf complies with different industry standards including EU and RoHS directive.

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Reliable SSP-T7-F-32.768kHz-12.5pf Distributor in China - Rantle East Electronic

In China, RANTLE is committed to distribute a high-quality SSP-T7-F-32.768kHz-12.5pf which is a type of crystal resonator highly processed through a dependable photolithographic technology.

Thus, our excellent quality SSP-T7-F-32.768kHz-12.5pf can comply your needs.

Apart from that, RANTLE’s best quality SSP-T7-F 32.768KHZ 12.5PF 20PP is incorporated with a nominal frequency which can take up to 32.768kHz.

SSP-T7-F-32.768kHz-12.5pf supplier

A +25±5ºC turnover temperature is also equipped into our durable and flexible SSP-T7-F 32.768KHZ 12.5PF 20PP so as to meet your diverse demands.

You can also avail RANTLE’s top-quality SSP-T7-F-32.768kHz-12.5pf which has a load capacitance of 7.0pF, 9.0pF and 12.5pF.

Choose among those can fit your applications.

A maximum of 65kΩ motional resistance can also be performed by our high-quality SSP-T7-F-32.768kHz-12.5pf.

Because of your ever-changing needs, RANTLE is supplying a dependable SSP-T7-F-32.768kHz-12.5pf which is integrated with a maximum of 1.0μW absolute drive level.

A 0.1μW drive level is incorporated into RANTLE’s trusted quality SSP-T7-F-32.768kHz-12.5pf.

For many years, RANTLE is dedicated in providing a superior quality SSP-T7-F-32.768kHz-12.5pf with typical of 0.9 pF shunt capacitance.

It is also equipped with a ±3 x 10-6 frequency aging.

SSP-T7-F-32.768kHz-12.5pf price

Aside from that, RANTLE’s premium quality SSP-T7-F-32.768kHz-12.5pf can operate in a −40ºC to about +85ºC range of temperature. It also has a storage temperature of −55ºC up to +125ºC.

Choose to source high-quality SSP-T7-F-32.768kHz-12.5pf from RANTLE.

You can 100% guarantee that our electronic components are functional and original.

We also have sufficient SSP-T7-F-32.768kHz-12.5pf and other electronic part stocks for your urgent and wholesale demands.

Flexibility and standardization enable us to offer you competitive rates and quick delivery.

buy SSP-T7-F-32.768kHz-12.5pf

Normally, we ship your SSP-T7-F 32.768KHZ 12.5PF 20PP order within 1-5 days upon receiving your complete payments.

You can certainly benefit from our prompt delivery and attentive service.

For over 16 years, we increased progress allowing us to offer an innovative SSP-T7-F-32.768kHz-12.5pf.

Contact us immediately so we can give you more details and information!

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