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The PHILIPS/NXP IC UDA1341TS supports the I2S-bus data format with word lengths of up to 20 bits, the MSB-justified data format with word lengths of up to 20 bits.

The LSB-justified serial data format with word lengths of 16, 18, and 20 bits and three combinations of MSB data output combined with LSB 16, 18, and 20 bits data input.

Our NXP UDA1341TS has DSP features in playback modes like de-emphasis, volume, bass boost, treble, and soft mute, which can be controlled via the L3 interface with a microcontroller.

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PHILIPS/NXP IC components UDA1341TS is a single-chip stereo Analog-to-Digital Converter and Digital-to-Analog Converter with signal processing features employing bitstream conversion techniques.

Its fully integrated analog front end, including Programmable Gain and a digital Automatic Gain Control.

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The UDA1341TS is similar to the UDA1340M and the UDA1344TS but adds features such as digital mixing of two input signals and one channel with a PGA and a digital AGC.

Rantle supply UDA1341TS that accommodates slave mode only, this means that in all applications the system devices must provide the system clock.

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The system frequency is selectable. The options are 256fs, 384fs or 512fs. The system clock must be locked in frequency to the digital interface signals.

Our UDA1341TS allows for double speed data monitoring purposes. In this case the sound features bass boost, treble and de-emphasis cannot be used.

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However, volume control and soft-mute can still be controlled. The double-speed monitoring option can be set via the L3 interface.

The UDA1341TS device has a microcontroller input mode. In the microcontroller mode, all the digital sound processing features and the system controlling features can be controlled by the microcontroller.

Rantle distributes UDA1341TS and UDA1341TS/N1 with reliable and excellent performance at competitive rates.

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To learn more about the PHILIPS/NXP electronic components and parts UDA1341TS, please click the UDA1341TS datasheet.

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