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  • has 2.0 mm pitch
  • 24 AWG wire gauge range
  • 08CPT-B-2A

In China, RANTLE is a famous supplier of high-quality electronic parts including the premium quality 08CPT-B-2A.

All our 08CPT-B-2A are with affordable prices yet quality and efficiency guaranteed.

We are supplying the best quality 08CPT-B-2A which will certainly suit your business so it will grow and reach its success.

08CPT-B-2A Distributor

The superior quality 08CPT-B-2A distributed by RANTLE is fabricated in the pursuit of the miniaturization.

Our excellent quality 08CPT-B-2A also has a low profile which functions as PC board connector mainly used for automobile.

RANTLE is also supplying a high-quality 08CPT-B-2A connector which can be surface mounted.

This type of connector has a spring structure on its male terminal which disproves its conventional concept.

A compact design is supported by our top-quality 08CPT-B-2A.

08CPT-B-2A label

Also, our excellent quality 08CPT-B-2A has only 2.0 mm pitch. It also has a female terminal construction.

This is specifically designed into our trusted quality08CPT-B-2A for a simple structure of the box.

This is possible by having the spring structure on the male terminal.

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Reliable 08CPT-B-2A Distributor in China - Rantle East Electronic

Aside from that, we are also supplying the best quality 08CPT-B-2A which is designed with 3A AC/DC current rating.

For a maximum performance, our reliable quality 08CPT-B-2A is equipped with a 50 V AC/DC voltage rating.

Additionally, RANTLE’s optimized 08CPT-B-2A has 8 number of positions.

It also supports a free hanging mounting style and crimp termination style for easy use and assembling.

A 24 AWG wire gauge range is also equipped into our premium quality 08CPT-B-2A.

Moreover, you can assure that RANTLE’s 08CPT-B-2A is with high-quality since it is equipped with 100M Ohms insulation resistance.

Our top-quality 08CPT-B-2A is also incorporated with a maximum of +100˚C and minimum of -40˚C operating temperature.

Furthermore, a withstanding voltage of 1,000 VAC/minute is highly integrated into our excellent quality 08CPT-B-2A.

Applicable wire for our premium quality 08CPT-B-2A includes AESSX-f or AVSS.

08CPT-B-2A Supplier

An initial value of 8mis also supported by RANTLE’s highest-quality 08CPT-B-2A.

If you are looking for a verified distributor of high-quality 08CPT-B-2A, don’t forget to rely on RANTLE.

RANTLE is the world’s fastest-growing and largest distribution company of high-quality 08CPT-B-2A in China.

At RANTLE, we offer an inventory of traceability components and warranty.

We also provide the most competitive price and fastest delivery that you can’t find with another distributor.

08CPT-B-2A price

No doubt, RANTLE is your best business partner!

As a professional supplier in China, RANTLE is dedicated to providing hard-to-find, outdated, discontinued and long electronic parts for your needs.

You can surely find what you need at RANTLE! With our broad electronic components database and inventory, you can have the parts you exactly ordered.

If you send your inquiries today, we can give you within 24 hours a detailed quotation including delivery terms, best price, and availability.

Enjoy sourcing!

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