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  • 2.30 mm PC tail length
  • 125 V voltage rating
  • UL 94 V-0 flammability rating
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  • 530470310

For your business, RANTLE is supplying a reliable quality 530470310.

In China, RANTLE is a professional distributor and expert supplier of high-quality electronic parts including 0530470310.

530470310 Supplier

For many years, RANTLE is always dedicated to offering the best quality 530470310 in the market.

Avail our high-quality 0530470310 at an affordable price.

The excellent quality 530470310 distributed by RANTLE is designed with a 1.25 mm pitch.

It is also a PicoBlade PCB header.

ERNI 384299

Our premium quality 530470310 is also fabricated with single and vertical row.

With a shrouded type, RANTLE’s high-quality 530470310 can surely give fit your requirements.

As an expert supplier, RANTLE offers a durable 530470310 with 3 number of positions.

Excellent quality 0530470310 from RANTLE is also equipped with through hole mounting style and termination style.

It also has a straight mounting angle for easy assembly and handling.

If you need a reliable quality 530470310, RANTLE is supplying a superior quality 530470310 with tin plating.

Buy 530470310 53047-0310 0530470310

Our dependable quality 53047-0310 is also equipped with a friction lock for a better performance.

3 circuits and tray are both available at RANTLE’s top-quality.

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Reliable 53047-0310 Distributor in China - Rantle East Electronic

In China, RANTLE is well-known for supplying a top-quality 530470310 which is a Male pin contact gender.

Its minimum operating temperature only takes from -40˚C.

While its maximum operating temperature takes up to +85˚C.

Our highest-quality 0530470310 is also designed with a 2.30 mm PC tail length to suit your needs.

530470310 Distributor

For a maximum level of performance, RANTLE is distributing a premium quality 0530470310 with a Polyamide housing material.

Other than that, RANTLE’s superior quality 53047-0310 is engineered with 125 V voltage rating and 1 A current rating to suit your desired applications.

To ensure the quality and safety of 530470310 distributed by RANTLE, we always make sure that these are UL 94 V-0 flammability rating.

Additionally, it is also certified with and EU, RoHS and REACH SVHC.

MOLEX 530470310 PRICE

Thus, you can guarantee the quality of our 0530470310.

Are you searching for a professional and reliable distributor of high-quality 53047-0310?

Well, your search is over! RANTLE is the most trusted supplier of electronic components in China!

On top of that, customers are attracted to purchase from RANTLE since we have the best prices and rapid delivery.

For over 16 years, RANTLE didn’t miss any chance to provide our customers with the most valuable services we have!

Plus, we have employed a well-trained team for customer service.

So, if you have queries and questions regarding our products, they can easily deal with it.

buy 530470310 FROM RANTLE

To ensure that you can get an authentic, functional and excellent condition 530470310, we have a knowledgeable and expert quality control team who checked it before shipment.

RANTLE is also available 24/7 to support you.

If you buy from RANTLE, expect a hassle-free transaction you have never experienced before!

More services await you at RANTLE! What are you waiting for?

Enjoy sourcing your 53047-0310 at RANTLE!

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