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  • competitive price for 104031-0811
  • 1.42 MM simple height
  • 1 row and 1.1 pitch
  • 0.5 A maximum current contact
  • 260˚C process temperature
  • 104031-0811
  • 104031-0811

Whether you want to purchase a bulk order of reliable quality 104031-0811, RANTLE can always give you what you need.

In China, we are recognized as a professional and reputable independent supplier of high-quality 104031-0811.

With our vast options and array of premium quality 104031-0811, it can certainly fit your business’s needs.

The best quality 104031-0811 supplied by RANTLE is a memory card Micro SD connector push-pull SMT.

It only has a height of 1.42 MM for a simple use and compact design.

104031-0811 distributor

For a better solution, our top-quality 104031-0811 is designed with 8 number of contacts.

RANTLE is also a professional supplier of excellent quality 104031-0811 which features a 1 row and 1.1 pitch.

Other than that, RANTLE offers you a premium quality 104031-0811 which has an SMD or SMT termination style.

104031-0811 label

In China, RANTLE distributes the best quality 104031-0811 that supports a 500mA current rating.

To assure that you can fully utilize our superior quality 104031-0811, it is highly integrated with a detect switch.

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Reliable 104031-0811 Distributor in China - Rantle East Electronic

For a full level of performance, RANTLE provides a trusted quality 104031-0811 which supports a liquid crystal polymer housing material.

A standard mounting type is featured by our high-quality 104031-0811.

Additionally, you can also avail RANTLE’s reliable quality 104031-0811 1.42 mm height and 11.4 mm in length.

A right-angle orientation is equipped into RANTLE’s reliable quality 104031-0811 for easy assembling.

104031-0811 supplier

As an addition to that, we are distributing the highest-quality 104031-0811 with a 10 VAC/DC voltage rating.

It is also incorporated with a push-pull insertion-extraction style.

A maximum of 0.5 A current per contact is supported by our premium quality 104031-0811 for a high-performance.

Moreover, RANTLE is a distributor of dependable quality 104031-0811 which has a maximum of 260˚C process temperature.

Our reliable quality 104031-0811 supports a 1.10 mm mating interface.

104031-0811 Circuit

In order to meet your requirements, our top-quality 104031-0811 can operate under a -25˚C to about +85˚C temperature range.

RANTLE’s highest-quality 104031-0811 can surely fit your business!

For your business, choose to source your high-quality 104031-0811 at RANTLE!

For more than 16 years, RANTLE is a reliable supplier of premium quality 104031-0811 and other electronic parts such as semiconductors, IC, components and more.

As a certified distributor of superior quality 104031-0811, you can rely on RANTLE since we can offer you the best and reasonable prices as well as the maximum level of quality assurance.

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Throughout the years, we have built a business relationship with thousands of customers worldwide from business firms and other institutions.

Therefore, we became the most trusted supplier located in China.

If you put your trust on RANTLE, your business is surely in a good hand.

It is our pleasure working with you!

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