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  • ±20 V gate-source voltage
  • 30 A avalanched current
  • 150 A pulse drain current
  • 260pF output capacitance
  • ±100nA gate-body leakage
  • EMB07N04A
  • EMB07N04A

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In China, RANTLE is recognized as the most trusted distributor of the best quality EMB07N04A.

To make sure that we distribute an excellent quality electronic component, discover our wide variety of EMB07N04A.

The superior quality EMB07N04A distributed by RANTLE is an N-channel Level Logic enhancement Field Effect Mode Transistor.

EMB07N04A Supplier

Our premium quality EMB07N04A is also integrated with ±20 V gate-source voltage.

For optimized performance, we supply the best quality EMB07N04A which is highly incorporated with 55 A continuous drain current.

Aside from that, we also have a reliable quality EMB07N04A with 150 A pulse drain current.

Also, you can avail RANTLE’s excellent quality EMB07N04A which is highly equipped with 30 A avalanched current.

It also has a 45mJ avalanched energy for a maximum performance level.

Other than that, we also have trusted quality EMB07N04A which is integrated with 41 W lower power dissipation.

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Reliable EMB07N04A Distributor in China - Rantle East Electronic

To ensure the quality, dependable quality EMB07N04A supplied by RANTLE can operate and store under a temperature ranging from -55˚C up to +150˚C.

Our highest-quality EMB07N04A is also equipped with thermal resistance ratings.

A maximum of 3˚C/W junction-to-case is equipped into our premium quality EMB07N04A.

It is also integrated with a maximum of 75˚C/W junction-to-ambient for a maximum solution.

We are also supplying the best quality EMB07N04A with a minimum of 40 V drain-source breakdown voltage.

To assure that you can fully get out the most of our highest-quality EMB07N04A, we supply reliable quality EMB07N04A which is specifically designed with a maximum of ±100nA gate-body leakage.

A typical of 28 S forward transconductance is equipped into our high-quality EMB07N04A.

RANTLE is also distributing a premium quality EMB07N04A which is integrated with typical 6m drain-source on-state resistance so you can fully utilize our EMB07N04A.

EMB07N04A Distributor

It is also equipped with 1915pF input capacitance and 260pF output capacitance.

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For around 16 years, RANTLE strives to do our role as the professional and expert in sourcing obsolete or hard-to-find electronic components.

RANTLE is fully equipped and efficient enough to handle broad range of electronic part orders.

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You will surely enjoy sourcing the best quality EMB07N04A at RANTLE.

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