Your Top GS5T24-5D15 Supplier in China

  • 5V/200mA isolated output
  • 24V input source
  • 2500VDC isolation voltage
  • 120kHz switching frequency
  • +40˚C ambient operating temperature
  • GS5T24-5D15
  • GS5T24-5D15

RANTLE is a famous supplier of excellent quality GS5T24-5D15 and other electronic parts.

We are a professional independent distributor located in China.

We are also a supplier of high-quality GS5T24-5D15which will certainly fit your business’s requirements.

GS5T24-5D15 supplier

If you are looking for a reliable distributor of premium quality GS5T24-5D15, always rely on RANTLE!

RANTLE’s trusted quality GS5T24-5D15 is a triple 5W DC-DC output converter.

These are highly designed to offer a three isolated output with 5V/200mA as well as dual ±15V/±125mA.

The module of our premium quality GS5T24-5D15 can operate in an input source of 24V.

Other than that, RANTLE is a well-known supplier of highest-quality GS5T24-5D15 which can provide an isolation voltage of 2500VDC.

GS5T24-5D15 price

A superior quality GS5T24-5D15 is also equipped with TTL/CMOS high-level compatible input that will enable the device.

The device will also inhibit in a lower input.

A minimum of 17.5 and maximum of 30.0 V input voltage is highly integrated into our reliable quality GS5T24-5D15 for a maximum performance level.

In order to maximize the use, our top-quality GS5T24-5D15 is equipped with 75mApp input reflected current.

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Reliable GS5T24-5D15 Distributor in China - Rantle East Electronic

Premium-quality GS5T24-5D15 from RANTLE is integrated with 120kHz switching frequency.

For the best solution, we supply superior quality GS5T24-5D15 that can provide a 70% efficiency.

Avail our trusted quality GS5T24-5D15 which is designed with +40˚C ambient operating temperature.

Whether it is for your business or desired applications, RANTLE can surely provide you the best qualityGS5T24-5D15!

Choose to source at RANTLE!

GS5T24-5D15 Distributor

We offer an affordable price and the best delivery to support you. Thus, you can save money and you can focus more on your business as well.

In China, RANTLE is a trusted and verified supplier as well as a distributor of high-quality GS5T24-5D15for over 16 years.

Thousands of customers from around the world trusted RANTLE because of our fast delivery and competitive prices.

Thus, you can save money and time to improve your business as well as productivity.

To ensure the quality of our GS5T24-5D15, we have a dedicated team of quality control teams who checked and inspected your GS5T24-5D15 so it can arrive in your place functional and in excellent condition!

Choose to source high-quality GS5T24-5D15from RANTLE.

You can 100% guarantee that our electronic components are functional and original.

Buy GS5T24-5D15

We also have sufficient GS5T24-5D15and other electronic part stocks for your urgent and wholesale demands.

Plus, our sales representative is 24/7 online to support you.

No doubt, RANTLE will give you a hassle-free purchasing experience for smooth transaction.

If you want to purchase our premium quality GS5T24-5D15, contact us immediately so we can deal with your inquiries!

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