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  • 18pF low Cross
  • low-gate charge
  • 600 V drain-source voltage
  • 10N60KL
  • 10N60KL

A professional supplier and expert distributor of high-quality electronic components is a must if you need to source for your business.

That is why, RANTLE is always committed to provide you the best quality electronic components including 10N60KL-TF1-T.

Our wide variety of high-quality 10N60KL will surely suit your needs.

The premium quality 10N60KL-TF1-T supplied by RANTLE is a high-current and high-voltage power MOSFET.

10N60KL Supplier

Our superior quality 10N60KL is also designed with better characteristics including fast-switching time.

It also features a low-gate charge.

Aside from that, RANTLE is a supplier of excellent quality 10N60KL with on-state low resistance.

For an optimum performance, RANTLE also distributes a top-quality 10N60KL-TF1-T with a higher avalanched rugged characteristic.

The power MOSFET high-quality 10N60KL distributed by RANTLE is typically used in a high-speed switching application especially in power supplies.

It is also best to be used in other applications such as PWM and motor controls.

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Reliable 10N60KL Distributor in China - Rantle East Electronic

For your DC to DC converters, RANTLE’s highest-quality 10N60KL can provide higher efficiency.

Also, RANTLE’s reliable quality 10N60KL-TF1-Tis very dependable when it is being applied to bridge circuits.

At RANTLE, we will always help you in sourcing the most accurate 10N60KL.

In order to provide you the best solution to your applications, RANTLE’s dependable quality 10N60KL is specially designed with a typical 33nC low-gate charge.

Additional to that, our top-quality 10N60KL-TF1-T is also equipped with typically 18pF low Cross.

Moreover, RANTLE’s excellent quality 10N60KL also features a fast switching for a maximum performance level.

Also, avail RANTLE’s trusted quality 10N60KL which is 100% avalanched tested.

An improved DV/DT capability is also equipped into RANTLE’s proven quality 10N60KL to suit your applications.

Furthermore, RANTLE’s best quality 10N60KL can provide a higher proficiency to any applications since it is fabricated with 52 W power dissipation.

It is also highly integrated with 600 V drain-source voltage.

For further details, RANTLE is a professional supplier of high-quality 10N60KL which can operate under a temperature ranging from -55˚C up to +150˚C.

10N60KL Distributor

For your business, choose to source your high-quality 10N60KL at RANTLE.

We provide our valued customers with affordable yet quality-guaranteed products including our 10N60KL.

We also offer a swift delivery for your 10N60KL-TF1-T orders.

In that way, we can help you save your money and time so you can focus more on your business.

For more than 16 years, RANTLE had gained the trust of worldwide customers.

We are also hoping to gain your trust soon!

At RANTLE, we have professional and well-trained customer service personnel who will assist you during and even after the transaction.

A hassle-free purchasing experience is guaranteed at RANTLE!

Don’t waste your time looking for another supplier when you have RANTLE!

Contact us today!

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