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The excellent quality M45PE40-VMN6TP supplied by RANTLE is a Flash Memory Serial Paged with 4 Mbit accessed through an SPI-compatible high-speed bus.

The premium quality M45PE40-VMN6TP memory can be programmed or written from 1 up to 256 bytes every time through the Page Program or Program Write instruction.

M45PE40-VMN6TP supplier

Page Write of our top-quality M45PE40-VMN6TP instructions are consist of the integrated and advanced cycle of Page Erasewhich will be followed by the cycles of Page Program.

The superior quality M45PE40-VMN6TP memory is organized in 8 sectors.

Each sector of our M45PE40-VMN6TP memory contains 256 pages.

Also, each page of our high-quality M45PE40-VMN6TP memory has a wide of 256 bytes.

Therefore, you can assure that our trusted quality M45PE40-VMN6TP whole memory can also be viewed as a consisting page of 2048 with 524288 bytes.

Through the Sector Erase instruction, our premium quality M45PE40-VMN6TP can erase a page every time.

RANTLE is also a professional supplier of trusted quality M45PE40-VMN6TP which is designed with data serial input.

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Reliable M45PE40-VMN6TP Distributor in China - Rantle East Electronic

The data serial input of our dependable M45PE40-VMN6TP is used primarily to serially transfer the data to the device.

It also receives the instructions, data, and addresses which will be programmed.

Aside from that, our reliable quality M45PE40-VMN6TP is equipped with serial clock.

The serial clock of our proven quality M45PE40-VMN6TP helps the device to provide the serial interface timing.

Also, RANTLE is supplying a high-quality M45PE40-VMN6TP which is equipped with chip select.

After the power-up, a certain falling edge on the Chip select is needed before starting any instruction.

To give you the best performance you need, RANTLE supplies high-quality M45PE40-VMN6TP with reset feature.

M45PE40-VMN6TP Distributor

This feature offers hardware reset mainly used for memory.

In reset mode, outputs of our M45PE40-VMN6TP are with high-impedance.

For an optimized solution to your applications, RANTLE also offers M45PE40-VMN6TP highly integrated with 100,000 and more write cycles.

For the best results, our top-quality M45PE40-VMN6TP can take up to 29 years of data retention.

RANTLE’s premium quality M45PE40-VMN6TP also supports maximum clock rate of 50MHz. it can also provide a 2.7 V to about 3.6 V single voltage supply.

buy M45PE40-VMN6TP

Additionally, excellent quality M45PE40-VMN6TP distributed by RANTLE meets the environmental requirements.

In fact, these are all certified with ECOPACK packages. These are also RoHS compliant and lead-free.

If you are looking for certified and most trusted independent supplier of high-quality M45PE40-VMN6TP, don’t forget to rely on RANTLE.

We can assure you that we can help your business.

For more than 16 years, we are a reliable distributor of high-quality electronic components in China. Thus, you can certainly trust RANTLE.

Plus, we offer valuable services such as reasonable cost and rapid delivery for your M45PE40-VMN6TP orders.

We also have well-trained sales representative who can guide you in the transaction.

You will certainly have a great buying experience with RANTLE! Enjoy sourcing your M45PE40-VMN6TP at RANTLE!

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