Your 2SD1767T100Q Suuplier in China

  • 80 V high-breakdown voltage
  • 25˚C absolute maximum ratings
  • 0.5 W collector power dissipation
  • 150˚C junction temperature
  • 80 V collector-emitter voltage
  • 2SD1767T100Q
  • 2SD1767T100Q

Whether you are searching for a high-quality 2SD1767T100Q for your business or selected application, don’t go over RANTLE!

At RANTLE, we are engaged in the distribution of high-quality 2SD1767T100Q and other electronic components for more than a decade.

We have enough stocks of premium quality 2SD1767T100Q which will fit perfectly in your business.

In China, we are dedicated to providing the best quality 2SD1767T100Q which are 80 V, 0.7 A medium power transistor.

SD1767T100Q distributor

Our superior quality 2SD1767T100Q is also equipped with 80 V high-breakdown voltage and 0.7 A high-current.

Other than that, we are also supplying a reliable quality 2SD1767T100Q with 25˚C absolute maximum ratings.

Along with that, our premium quality 2SD1767T100Q is incorporated with a maximum of 80 V collector-based voltage.

We are also a professional distributor of high-quality 2SD1767T100Q which is highly integrated with 80 V collector-emitter voltage.

A 5 V emitter-base voltage is incorporated into our superior quality 2SD1767T100Q.

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Reliable 2SD1767T100Q Distributor in China - Rantle East Electronic

Also, our dependable quality 2SD1767T100Q is integrated with 0.7 A (DC) and 1 A (Pulse) collector current for a maximum performance.

On the other hand, a 0.5 W collector power dissipation is highly designed into our trusted quality 2SD1767T100Q.

If you need a maximum performance 2SD1767T100Q, you can choose RANTLE’s high-quality 2SD1767T100Q.

We have durable 2SD1767T100Q which is specially designed with 150˚C junction temperature.

2SD1767T100Q supplier

Our excellent quality 2SD1767T100Q also features a -55˚C up to +150˚C storage temperature.

Additionally, you can avail RANTLE’s highest-quality 2SD1767T100Q which is equipped with 120 MHz transition frequency. It also has a typical 10pF output capacitance.

Aside from that, we are also a supplier of best quality maximum of 390 DC current transfer ratio.

A maximum of 0.5uA collector cutoff current is integrated into our premium quality 2SD1767T100Q for better performance.

2SD1767T100Q price

We also have the best quality 2SD1767T100Q which is equipped with 0.5uA emitter cutoff current.

RANTLE’s superior quality 2SD1767T100Q will surely give you the best solution for your business or applications.

If you plan to buy high-quality 2SD1767T100Q, choose to source at RANTLE!

RANTLE is a reliable and trusted supplier of best quality 2SD1767T100Q in China.

As a professional distributor, we know that your order of 2SD1767T100Q is significantly important.

That is why we always strive to exceed or meet your expectations by offering an excellent service.

Buy 2SD1767T100Q

At RANTLE, we offer the best prices.

We also provide the fastest delivery that you can’t find in another supplier. RANTLE will certainly help your business grow and reach its success.

Why look for another supplier when you can always rely on RANTLE!

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