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  • Comeptitive price for IRG4PH40KD
  • 3.0 to 6.0 gate-threshold voltage
  • 33 ns integrated rise time
  • A 26pF transfer reverse capacity
  • 1600pF input and 77 pF output capacity
  • IRG4PH40KD
  • IRG4PH40KD

Do you need an excellent quality IRG4PH40KD that will suit your business or needs?

RANTLE can provide you the best and most accurate IRG4PH40KD!

Highest-quality IRG4PH40KD supplied by RANTLE is a gate insulated bipolar transistor that comes with an ultrafast recovery soft diode.

For an optimized solution, RANTLE distributes a premium quality IRG4PH40KD which is designed with a high rating for short circuit making it ideal for applications like motor control.

Aside from that, RANTLE is a professional distributor of top-quality IRG4PH40KD that combines a lower losses conduction with a higher switching speed.

In China, RANTLE is also known as an expert supplier of the best qualityIRG4PH40KD which is designed a tighter distribution parameter.

IRG4PH40KD supplier

Thus, you can assure that our premium quality IRG4PH40KD can work with higher efficiency.

RANTLE is a famous supplier of superior quality IRG4PH40KD that is incorporated with an ultrafast and ultra-soft anti-parallel recovery diode co-packaged IGBT with HEXFRED.

With its latest generation integrated 4 IGBT’s, RANTLE’s excellent quality can offer the highest density power for motor controls as possible.

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Reliable IRG4PH40KD Distributor in China - Rantle East Electronic

The HEXFRED diodes equipped into our trusted quality IRG4PH40KD is designed to optimized the performance with its IGBT’s.

This helps in minimizing the recovery characteristics for a reduced noise, switching losses and EMI.

For a maximum performance level, we are distributing a reliable quality IRG4PH40KD that can support a minimum of 3.0 and a maximum of 6.0 gate-threshold voltage.

A typical of 49ns fall time is also supported by our top-quality IRG4PH40KD.

RANTLE also offers a dependable IRG4PH40KD highly integrated with a 33 ns rise time.

A 5.1mJ total switching-loss is incorporated into our IRG4PH40KD to suit your applications.

It also supports a typical 1600pF input capacitance and 77 pF output capacitance.

A 26pF transfer reverse capacitance is equipped into our reliable quality IRG4PH40KD to make sure that it will satisfy your preference.

IRG4PH40KD distributor

For more than 16 years in the industry of supplying the best quality IRG4PH40KD, more business firms and customers have trusted and relied at RANTLE.

Thus, we have gained the title as an expert, professional and reliable supplier of high-quality IRG4PH40KD in China.

Thus, you can guarantee that RANTLE is an excellent business partner!

You will never be disappointed if you put your trust on RANTLE!

We offer a budget-friendly and affordable IRG4PH40KD so you can save your money.

Another RANTLE provides a swift delivery if you order IRG4PH40KD.

Usually, we deliver orders of IRG4PH40KD within 1 to 5 days after you complete your payments.

Thus, you can focus more on your business.

What are you waiting for?

Source your IRG4PH40KD today at RANTLE!

We will make sure that you will enjoy your experience in RANTLE.

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