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  • Fast Delivery with HZM6.8ZMFA
  • 25pF lower capacitance
  • IEC 6100-4-2 electromagnetic compatibility standards
  • 6.47 V to 7.00 V Zener voltage
  • 25kV ESD capability
  • HZM6-8ZMFA

When sourcing a high-quality HZM6.8ZMFA, a reliable and trusted supplier is essential so your money and effort will be worth it.

That is why we encourage you to buy your orders of HZM6.8ZMFA at RANTLE.

In China, RANTLE is a certified and authorized supplier of high-quality electronic components.

You can always trust RANTLE in providing you the best quality HZM6.8ZMFA for your business.

The superior quality HZM6.8ZMFA distributed by RANTLE is a Zener diode silicon planar which is mainly used for a surge absorb.

RANTLE provides you the excellent quality HZM6.8ZMFA which is specially designed with four monolithic devices that can easily absorb the surge.

Other than that, we also have the top-quality HZM6.8ZMFA which has a maximum of 25pF lower capacitance.

This feature helps in protecting the device from ESD of the signal line.

HZM6.8ZMFA distributor

Because of that, our premium quality HZM6.8ZMFA is perfectly suitable for higher-density surface mounting as well as high-speed assembly.

RANTLE, as well, is a distributor of highest-quality HZM6.8ZMFA which is equipped with numerous packages and voltages.

These make our top-quality HZM6.8ZMFA ideal for any reference supplies as well as other applications.

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Reliable HZM6.8ZMFA Distributor in China - Rantle East Electronic

Our quality-guaranteed HZM6.8ZMFA is also applicable in a diode which can achieve a minimum of guaranteed 30kV or 8kV contact discharge.

Our superior quality HZM6.8ZMFA is also fabricated in accordance to electromagnetic compatibility IEC 6100-4-2 standards.

Additionally, you can also avail RANTLE’s reliable quality HZM6.8ZMFA which is specially designed with 200mW power dissipation.

A minimum of 6.47 V and a maximum of 7.00 V Zener voltage is supported by our high-quality HZM6.8ZMFA.

In China, we are also supplying an excellent quality HZM6.8ZMFA with a maximum of 2uA reverse current.

HZM6.8ZMFA supplier

A maximum of 30 ohms dynamic resistance is incorporated into our trusted quality HZM6.8ZMFA to provide the best solution.

Avail RANTLE’s superior quality HZM6.8ZMFA that features a 25kV ESD capability.

It can also operate under a 150˚C junction temperature.

Our dependable quality HZM6.8ZMFA can be stored in a -55˚C up to +150˚C storage temperature range.

In any applications you select, RANTLE’s high-quality HZM6.8ZMFA is highly dependable.

For over 16 years, RANTLE is a famous and popular independent distributor of advanced quality HZM6.8ZMFA in China.

Throughout the years, RANTLE has gained lots of trust and maintained the best business relationship with business firms around the world.

So, you can also trust RANTLE!

RANTLE’s expertise is to provide you quality assurance, supply-chain management and technology.

This enable us to offer a competitive range and efficiency in this field.

Because of that, we are also able to provide a low-cost HZM6.8ZMFA.

We offer reasonable cost HZM6.8ZMFA without compromising its technology, quality and on-time delivery.

So, what are you waiting for?

Contact us today so we can give you detailed information regarding our HZM6.8ZMFA!

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