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  • 16 8-bit registers.
  • 32.768 kHz sub-clock
  • 4 bytes or 2 bytes length
  • 12 external interrupt sources
  • 32.768 kHz sub-clock pulse generator
  • HD6473657FV
  • HD6473657FV

In China, RANTLE is an expert supplier of the best quality HD6473657FV which is a series of a single-chip microcomputer.

The excellent quality HD6473657FV supplied by RANTLE is built-in with a high-speed CPU.

We are also a supplier of top-quality HD6473657FV which is highly equipped with an integrated peripheral system-on-chip function.

HD6473657FV supplier

Also, RANTLE is a reliable supplier of trusted quality HD6473657FV which is incorporated with an advanced Universal Asynchronous Receiver/Transceiver (UART). T

he peripheral on-chip functions include five timers.

It also includes a 14-bit width pulse modulator as well as two communication serial interface channels. Aside from that, the on-chip peripheral functions also include the A/D converter.

HD6473657FV Distributor

With these functions, our proven quality HD6473657FV is ideally suitable for an embedded application an advanced control system.

RANTLE’s reliable quality HD6473657FV also comes with a general-register architecture including the 16 8-bit registers.

On top of that, we have a high-quality HD6473657FV available with maximum of 5 MHz operating speed.

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Reliable HD6473657FV Distributor in China - Rantle East Electronic

An 0.4µs add/subtract and 2.8µs multiply/divide operating speed at every 5MHz is incorporated into our highest-quality HD6473657FV.

To give you the best performance, we are a supplier of excellent quality HD6473657FV which can run a sub-clock of 32.768 kHz.

If you need a maximum performance HD6473657FV, choose to source at RANTLE.

HD6473657FV price

A premium quality HD6473657FV which features an instruction set with a length of 4 bytes or 2 bytes.

Our superior quality HD6473657FV can also perform the primary arithmetic operations in the middle of the registers.

Dependable quality HD6473657FV is perfect for your business since it is equipped with a MOV instruction mainly for the transfer of data between the register and memory.

It is also designed with a bit accumulator and bit position register-indirect designation.

Other than that, RANTLE is also a professional distributor of trusted quality HD6473657FV highly designed with 33 interrupt sources.

It also comes along with 12 external interrupt sources as well as 21 internal interrupt sources.

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For a better performance HD6473657FV you need, we are distributing a top-quality HD6473657FV which is equipped with on-chip two pulse generator.

This includes the 1 to 10 MHz system-clock pulse generator and 32.768 kHz sub-clock pulse generator.

For more than 16 years, RANTLE is known as the most trusted and verified supplier located in China.

RANTLE also has the best relationship with famous worldwide business enterprises.

Through supplying quality-guaranteed products, we have gained the trust of a thousand of customers worldwide.

Because of that, if you put your trust in RANTLE, you will never get disappointed.

At RANTLE, we offer the best prices and fastest delivery of your order. An affordable price for the HD6473657FV order is provided to support your business.

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