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  • 1.4 mm filter
  • -55˚C up to +85˚C in high-reliability type
  • Competitive price for SFSKA4M50CF00-R3
  • SFSKA4M50CF00-R1
  • SFSKA4M50CF00-R1

If you are looking for the best quality SFSKA4M50CF00-R1 that will suit your business, don’t waste your time looking for another supplier!

RANTLE is a reliable and trusted independent distributor of high-quality SFSKA4M50CF00-R3 located in China.

RANTLE is recognized as a verified and certified supplier of premium quality electronic components for many years!

In China, we are a supplier of superior quality SFSKA4M50CF00-R3 which is small but with high-performance.

It is also super thin with an only a maximum of 1.4 mm filter.

Our excellent quality SFSKA4M50CF00-R1 is also a piezoelectric element.

RANTLE’s trusted quality piezoelectric element SFSKA4M50CF00-R3 is sandwiched by a ceramic substrate.

SFSKA4M50CF00-R1 SFSKA4M50CF00-R3 label

With only a maximum of 1.4 mm thickness and 3.45×1 mm smaller mounting area, our premium quality SFSKA4M50CF00-R1 will enable you to make set of VICS/RKE/TPMS small and very thin.

Aside from that, RANTLE’s top-quality SFSKA4M50CF00-R1 has filters which can be mounted by an automatic placer.

Because of its thickness, slim, and smaller mounting area, RANTLE’s trusted quality SFSKA4M50CF00-R1 will provide you a PCB flexible design.

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Reliable SFSKA4M50CF00-R1 Distributor in China - Rantle East Electronic

RANTLE is also an expert distributor of excellent quality SFSKA4M50CF00-R1 available in various bandwidths.

Choose a suitable high-quality SFSKA4M50CF00-R3 bandwidth according to your desired selectivity.

We can assure that our SFSKA4M50CF00-R1 are all with high-quality since it can operate in a temperature ranging from -20˚C up to +80˚C in a standard type and -40˚C to about +85˚C in high-reliability type.

You can also store our dependable quality SFSKA4M50CF00-R3 in a temperature range of -40˚C up to +85˚C in standard type and -55˚C up to +85˚C in high-reliability type.

To top it up, RANTLE is an expert distributor of reliable quality SFSKA4M50CF00-R1 which is suitable for thin and small radios.

It can also be best used for automotive radios.

Because of its advanced features, RANTLE’s highest-quality SFSKA4M50CF00-R1 is perfectly suitable for headphone

SFSKA4M50CF00-R1 supplierstereos.

For your business, choose to source your premium quality SFSKA4M50CF00-R1 at RANTLE!

We have a broad knowledge on supplying the best quality SFSKA4M50CF00-R3 and other electronic parts.

Our staff is equipped with more than 16 years of experience in distributing high-quality electronic components with empowerment of information systems.

This will help us deliver the information required to assure that you can get an excellent option to resolve your immediate component needs.

RANTLE also continuously worked to assure you that our trusted quality SFSKA4M50CF00-R1 exceeds or meet your requirements.

SFSKA4M50CF00-R1 distributor

At RANTLE, we also developed a large-scale quality system to assure that we can exceed aspiration for every and each interaction we have developed.

We also have valuable services including affordable price and fastest delivery.

We also have 24/7 available customer service team to assist you.

What are you waiting for?

Hurry and contact us to avail our quality and efficient services!

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