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  • 192990-0070

For many years, RANTLE is dedicated to providing the best quality electronic parts including 192990-0070.

In China, we have been providing the most excellent quality 192990-0070 to our customers worldwide.

We are not just giving quality 192990-0070 but also valuable services.

Explore RANTLE’s wide array of 192990-0070 and quality services.

192990-0070 Supplier

The superior quality 192990-0070 supplied RANTLE is an ITT Cannon Trident connector.

As an expert supplier, RANTLE is distributing a premium quality 192990-0070 which is a cost-effective and reliable connector.

Our part number 192990-0070 ITT Cannon Trident connectors include Trident Ringlock, TNM series, and Trident Neptune.

Our excellent quality 192990-0070 parts number are all fully-sealed with IP67.

These are also subjected to UL94-V0.

Therefore, you can guarantee the quality of our 192990-0070.

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At RANTLE, you can avail our top-quality 192990-0070 which is a plastic circular connector that comes together with a metal coupling nut.

Our trusted quality 192990-0070 also comes with a retention bayonet mechanism.

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Reliable 192990-0070 Distributor in China - Rantle East Electronic

With these, RANTLE’s reliable quality 192990-0070 can provide you a weight and cost benefits of the plastic connector and the durability as well as the metal connector.

Our top-quality 192990-0070 is also a unique product when it comes to harsh environment and transportation connector where full-sealing and mixed signal and power contacts are a must.

The reliable quality 192990-0070 also features a low-cost, strong and lightweight.

Aside from that, our dependable quality 192990-0070 is designed with an attractive appearance.

These are aesthetical and pleasing which makes it suitable for front-panel mounting.

192990-0070 Distributor

We also have versions of high-quality 192990-0070 which is waterjet proof and submersible.

Wide array of contact styles is available at our dependable 192990-0070.

It does have contact styles in crimp, coax, PC, first mate/last break or wire wrap for some ground connections.

To top it up, our premium quality 192990-0070 can operate in a broad temperature range.

It can work under -55˚C up to +120˚C under a high condition, mud, ice, and severe vibration. Because of that, it is perfectly suitable as a vehicular and industrial connector.

It is also the best connectors for electronic boxes and cabinets.

Our premium quality 192990-0070 is also suitable for signal and power application which needs a total moisture sealing.

buy 192990-0070

For buses and trucks, we have 192990-0070 which is best for it.

RANTLE is also a supplier of high-quality 192990-0070 which is ideal for off-road vehicles, marine and process control.

It is also best for industrial machinery, control cables, probes, hand controllers, remote sensors, inter-system connections and more.

Choose to source your high-quality 192990-0070 at RANTLE. We offer affordable prices and swift delivery.

We have over 16 years of experience in the distribution of premium quality electronic components.

Therefore, you can really trust RANTLE! Your business is surely in good hands with RANTLE!

For more details, contact our sales representative today!

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