Your Best 53047-0510 Distributor in China

53047-0510 Distributor - Your Best 53047-0510 Supplier in China

Rantle is the 53047-0510 development distributor, a kind of business partner that supports the technology community at every stage. We use advance technology to do develop various kid of software and components. Rantle provides quality and great 53047-0510.


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Rantle offers the widest selection of components such as 53047-0510. The 53047-0510 is designed for high-density harness applications Molex’s 1.25mm. It is the system provides the same 1.0A of current as similar 2.00mm pitch systems, in a more compact design.

Rantle provides 53047-0510 that offered in wire-to-board and wire-to-wire options. This component saves about 45% of PCB space compared to typical 2.00mm wire-to-board systems. It is a single row system, available in 2 to 15 circuits, with both surface mount and through-hole headers.

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Rantle 53047-0510 is designed for use in high density harness applications. Typical applications include automotive alarms systems and car audio, DVD players, industrial process controls and medical patient monitors.

The 53047-0510 point-to-point single-row configurations and pin-to-pin map configurations. It is receptacles offer small pitch and friction lock that takes up less PCB real estate and minimizes the chance of accidental mishandling due to vibration.

53047-0510 Distributor

The 53047-0510 series meets 2011/65/EU RoHS requirements. Typical uses range from consumer to industrial as well as medical and commercial vehicles. The53047-0510 series also offers a line of wire-to-wire and wire-to-board connectors, including SMT and Terminal connectors as well as housing and PCB headers.

Rantle 53047-0510 1 A current capability in a compact 1.25 mm pitch design and PCB space saving of up to 45% compared to 2.00 mm pitch. The wire-to-board connectors offer 2, 8, or 15-circuit options and 2, 6, or 10-circuit options for wire-to-wire connectors for the 26-32AWG wire.

Rantle have the widest selection of components, boards, system level products. We have expert technical support, and custom development services. With the world’s largest selection of development kits, the latest components, and informative resources, we are a vital element of research and design.

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Rantle is great 53047-0510 supplier and distributor. Our management system is compliant to international standards for the environment, safety, and quality and is certified by recognized bodies in the ISO certified. Rantle is very convenient to order with. Our staff is always ready to entertain and to assist our customers.

If you are needing 53047-0510 for any of your projects, just contact us. You can ensure that we will never ignore any inquires.

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