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  • Fast Delivery with 6189-0176
  • 100m insulation resistance
  • Maximum of 5 pins and 2.3 or 0.90mm pitch performance level
  • PBT material
  • 100µA leak current
  • 6189-0176
  • 6189-0176

In China, RANTLE is trusted by lots of customers worldwide including big or small business firms.

That is because RANTLE is consistently providing the best quality 6189-0176 with a variety of options and selection available.

Are you seeking for a reliable supplier and distributor of dependable quality 6189-0176?

You are in an exact destination!

The excellent quality 6189-0176 supplied by RANTLE is a housing connector type.

6189-0176 Distributor

We are also a supplier of premium quality 6189-0176 which is fabricated through the use of PBT material.

You can avail RANTLE’s highest-quality 6189-0176 which is gray in color.

Aside from that, RANTLE is also known for distributing the best quality 6189-0176 which is typically used for a connection mainly wire to wire.

The excellent quality 6189-0176 distributed by RANTLE which features a total of 5 pins and 2.3 or 0.90mm pitch for a maximum performance level.

In China, we are an expert supplier of premium quality 6189-0176 which is a male housing connector.

For a higher level of protection, our superior quality 6189-0176 is sealed with a waterproof feature.

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Reliable 6189-0176 Distributor in China - Rantle East Electronic

Additionally, RANTLE is supplying a reliable quality 6189-0176 which is highly designed with a maximum of 3mcontact resistance.

Because of this, RANTLE’s top-quality 6189-0176 can provide a higher efficiency for your applications.

For a reliable quality, we are distributing the best 6189-0176 which is highly equipped with a maximum of 100µA leak current.

Other than that, we are also offering a dependable quality 6189-0176 with a minimum of 100m insulation resistance.

6189-0176 Supplier

To ensure that you can get the most out of our highest-quality 6189-0176, it has advanced features that makes it suitable for the automotive industry.

If you also need a superior quality 6189-0176 for medical and signal applications, choose to source at RANTLE.

For household equipment and other related applications, RANTLE’s top-quality 6189-0176 is highly dependable.

For whatever your desired applications, RANTLE’s high-quality 6189-0176 can provide the best solution.

At RANTLE, you can avail of an on-time delivery and superior quality 6189-0176 both at an affordable as well as cost-effective price.

Sourcing of high-quality 6189-0176 becomes easy with RANTLE.

To give you prompt services, our customer service team is online 24/7 for a faster response to your RFQ’s.

They will also assist you throughout the purchasing process.

For more than 16 years, RANTLE is consistent in providing valuable services and quality products to our customers.

With that, we are known as a professional and expert in this field.

No doubt, RANTLE is a trustworthy business partner!

If you choose to source at RANTLE, hassle-free experience will be guaranteed!

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At RANTLE, you will experience an enjoyable and easy high-quality 6189-0176 sourcing.

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