Your Top ACA-SPI-006-K01 Supplier in China

  • 1.27 mm pitch
  • maximum 1 A current rating
  • 260˚C process temperature
  • 10s duration
  • a C2680 contact material
  • ACA-SPI-006-K01
  • ACA-SPI-006-K01

As an expert distributor of high-quality electronic parts, RANTLE knows that efficiency and quality is very vital in your business.

That is why RANTLE always supplied the best quality ACA-SPI-006-K01 for your business.

ACA-SPI-006-K01 wholesaler

In order to meet your high demands and business requirements, we are distributing an excellent quality ACA-SPI-006-K01 with the broadest options available.

To meet your expectations, RANTLE is supplying the best quality ACA-SPI-006-K01 which is an SPI socket.

It is also designed with a receptacle component type.

Apart from that, we are also distributing a premium quality ACA-SPI-006-K01 which has a vertical orientation.

Our highest-quality ACA-SPI-006-K01 is also fabricated with an LCP housing material for better durability.


With a 1.27 mm pitch is also equipped into our superior quality ACA-SPI-006-K01.

Because of this, it can give you superior efficiency for your applications.

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Reliable ACA-SPI-006-K01 Distributor in China - Rantle East Electronic

Additionally, we are a supplier of top-quality ACA-SPI-006-K01 which is designed with 1 mm tail length and black housing color.

A maximum of current rating of 1 A is also equipped into our top-quality ACA-SPI-006-K01 for a maximum solution.

For further detail, RANTLE is also a distributor of premium quality ACA-SPI-006-K01which is created with an IR reflow solder process type.

ACA-SPI-006-K01 supplier

With that, it can work under a maximum of 260˚C process temperature.

The excellent quality ACA-SPI-006-K01 distributed by RANTLE is highly incorporated with a 10s duration at maximum process temperature.

It is also designed with gold plating material on the contact area and a 16 pin circuits.

Other than that, a trusted quality ACA-SPI-006-K01 is supplied by RANTLE with an SMT PCB mount type.

We are also distributing a reliable quality ACA-SPI-006-K01 with C2680 contact material.

A maximum of 12 V voltage rating is integrated into our dependable quality ACA-SPI-006-K01.

To ensure quality, we always make sure that our high-quality ACA-SPI-006-K01 is certified with RoHS.

ACA-SPI-006-K01 price

Plus, we have a well-trained team for quality control to check whether the ACA-SPI-006-K01 is functional, good condition and authentic before dispatching.

RANTLE is your reliable supplier when it comes to sourcing a dependable quality ACA-SPI-006-K01.

Whether it is hard-to-located electronic parts, RANTLE can certainly offer you with the best quality!

You can surely trust RANTLE as your business’s supplier of the top-quality ACA-SPI-006-K01 since we have 16 years of experience in the field.

Are you finding it hard to source a premium quality ACA-SPI-006-K01? Not with RANTLE!

At RANTLE, we offer the best price and fastest delivery for your ACA-SPI-006-K01 orders.

buy ACA-SPI-006-K01

Thus, we can help you save money and time.

Undoubtedly, RANTLE can help your business achieve your success!

Reach us out today if you have questions regarding our ACA-SPI-006-K01.

We’re happy to serve you!

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