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  • Competitive Price for AP1117E50G-13
  • Positive low-dropout fixed-mode or adjustable regulator
  • High-speed termination
  • Perfectly suitable for VGA cards and other related applications
  • Suitable to provide a 1.25 to about 5.0 with an input supply of 6.4 V up to 18 V well-regulated outputs
  • AP1117E50G-13
  • AP1117E50G-13 -2

The AP1117E50G-13 is a positive low-dropout fixed-mode or adjustable regulator.

It comes with 1A current output capability.

RANTLE’s AP1117E50G-13 is a voltage designed specifically to provide a well-regulated power supply for every low IC uses and applications.

AP1117E50G-13 suppllier

Typically, RANTLE’s AP1117E50G-13 is applied on 3.3 V low current logic supply and bus high-speed termination.

Our AP1117E50G-13 is also perfectly suitable for VGA cards and other related applications.

With RANTLE’s AP1117E50G-13, you can guarantee that it has a 1.4 V lower dropout at every full current load.

This makes our AP1117E50G-13 ideally suitable to provide a 1.25 to about 5.0 with an input supply of 6.4 V up to 18 V well-regulated outputs.

You can avail RANTLE’s AP1117E50G-13 in both range of industrial temperature and temperature grade in commercial use.

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Reliable AP1117E50G-13 Distributor in China - Rantle East Electronic

RANTLE’s AP1117E50G-13 features a maximum of 1.4 V dropout at every full current load.

A faster transient response is also powered into our AP1117E50G-13.

Additionally, AP1117E50G-13 supplied by RANTLE offers you a current output limiting.

A fixed thermal shutdown is also incorporated into our AP1117E50G-13 for an optimal solution.

RANTLE also distributes AP1117E50G-13 with an excellent noise rejection.

You can choose RANTLE’s AP1117E50G-13 with a fixed or adjustable 1.5 V, 2.5 V, 5.0 V, 3.3 V, and 1.8 V terminal.

If you have work is concerning with PC peripheral, RANTLE’s AP1117E50G-13 is the best choice.

For communication industry and purposes, RANTLE’s AP1117E50G-13 will be very fit device.

Are you dealing with consumer equipment and other related applications?

buy AP1117E50G-13

Choose RANTLE’s AP1117E50G-13. At RANTLE, we will give you the best and most accurate electronic parts for your applications.

Source AP1117E50G-13 and other electronic components from RANTLE!

With our excellent quality AP1117E50G-13, we will surely improve your business’s productivity!

RANTLE is a trusted and most certified supplier as well as distributor of electronic components in China.

Furthermore, high-quality is assured for all of RANTLE’s product since our well-trained QC team thoroughly tested before shipment.

Thus, you can ensure that these are functional, authentic and in good condition.

You can always rely at RANTLE because we have 16 years of supplying experience to thousands of clients around the globe.

It is our pride to be recognized as a leading distributor of ICs worldwide.

AP1117E50G-13 price

You can trust RANTLE’s AP1117E50G-13 and other electronic components since these are recognized by Underwriters’ Laboratory or UL, RoHS certified and passed various international quality and safety standards.

At RANTLE, we also offer a fast delivery.

We ship orders of electronic parts and components typically 1-5 days after we received your payments.

Other than that, our reasonable rate for orders of AP1117E50G-13 and various electronic components is one of the reasons why more customers are attracted to purchase at RANTLE.

RANTLE is a cost-effective choice!

AP1117E50G-13 application board

Also, RANTLE has a qualified track record and positive reputation in delivering best quality electronic components.

To ensure that you will receive what you exactly ordered, every electronic component including AP1117E50G-13 is offered with a 30-days warranty.

RANTLE warrant the function, fit and form for every manufacturers’ specifications and datasheet of electronic components.

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