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RANTLE is serving as an independent supplier and distributor of electronic components in mainland China. We are a dealer of efficient, durable, and trustworthy electronic products and services for G3VM-61G1 and G3VM-61G1(TR) parts. Let Rantle be your business partner and champion supplier in the electronics industry.  


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RANTLE distributed a wide range series of G3VM-61G1. The OMRON G3VM-61G1 is a MOS FET relays.  These devices are designed for switching analog signals and minute signals. You can have a high-quality series G3VM-61G1 from Rantle. 

However, Rantle offers not just G3VM-61G1 but also related products like G3VM-61G1(TR). These devices are upgraded series MOS FET relays. A wide series of G3VM-61G1 will allow you to have 400 mA continuous load current in any element in your circuitry. Get G3VM-61G1 Price and Buy G3VM-61G1(TR) from RANTLE. At Rantle, you can purchase the G3VM-61G1(TR) right here, right now. 

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At Rantle, your component parts are ready to serve anytime you need it. For your convenience, we offer different kinds of components.

Rantle is a dealer of G3VM-61G1(TR) that has a wide range of contact forms. We also enterprise parts sizes and package types. 

G3VM-61G1 distributor

Rantle delivers G3VM-61G1 that offers various applications. Devices such as G3VM-61G1 and G3VM-61G1(TR) can be applied as semiconductor test equipment.

These products are also used to test and measurement equipment. In some situations, G3VM-61G1 is designed for communication equipment.

G3VM-61G1 supplier

Rantle offers G3VM-61G1 that is recognized in the leading electronic markets. These components have featured an automatic data refresh resulting in high data retention.

It made them suitable for any applications or device that requires unpowered memory cards. The G3VM-61G1 can help your devices function in extended periods of time.

G3VM-61G1 price

 A wide series of G3VM-61G1 are consists of 1500 Vrms dielectric between input or output. If your devices need data loggers, the G3VM-61G1 will do the start-up load for you.

The G3VM-61G1 is widely used for broadband systems. It can also be used for amusement machines. 

Rantle can offer various parts like G3VM-61G1 and G3VM-61G1(TR) to meet your multifarious demands.

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As your distributor, we can work together to take your business to the top level in the industry.

Just simply send us the number of your orders and our expert sales team will process it for you. 

For your questions and requests, please don’t hesitate to communicate with us. We have 24/7 online customer-friendly workers who will assist you. 

Learn more about the G3VM-61G1(TR),  please click the G3VM-61G1 datasheet.

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