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  • Fast Delivery with HF115F-Q/005-1H
  • 16 A switching capacity
  • has 8A to 250VAC contact rating
  • 2000 VA switching power
  • 5kV dielectric strength
  • HF115F-Q/005-1H
  • HF115F-Q-005-1H

As a professional supplier and distributor of the best quality HF115F-Q/005-1H, RANTLE is able to offer an optimized solution for any applications.

Whether you want to purchase wholesale or bulk orders of highest-quality HF115F-Q/005-1H for your business, RANTLE has got you covered!

RANTLE is an expert distributor of premium quality HF115F-Q/005-1H in China.

Discover our broad range of HF115F-Q/005-1H!

HF115F-Q/005-1H Supplier

In order to suit your requirements, RANTLE is supplying a superior quality HF115F-Q/005-1H with a low height down to 15.7 mm.

At RANTLE, we also offer a top-quality HF115F-Q/005-1H with a switching capability of 16 A.

We also have the most excellent quality HF115F-Q/005-1H with a dielectric strength of 5kV between contacts and coil.

A creepage distance of 10mm is also equipped into our premium quality HF115F-Q/005-1H to give the best performance.

Our reliable quality HF115F-Q/005-1H also meets the reinforce insulation VDE 0700, 0631.

Other than that, RANTLE is an expert distributor of trusted quality HF115F-Q/005-1H which meets the specification of IEC 60335-1.

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Reliable HF115F-Q/005-1H Distributor in China - Rantle East Electronic

Additional to that, sockets are also available in our best quality HF115F-Q/005-1H.

For you to fully utilize RANTLE’s dependable quality HF115F-Q/005-1H, flux proofed and plastic sealed are both available.

Excellent quality HF115F-Q/005-1H from RANTLE is RoHS compliant so you can assure that it is environmentally friendly.

HF115F-Q/005-1H distributor

A contact arrangement of 2A, 2B, 2C is equipped into our highest-quality HF115F-Q/005-1H.

It is also incorporated with a maximum of 100m at every 1A 6VDC.

Moreover, top-quality HF115F-Q/005-1H has an 8A 250VAC contact rating.

At RANTLE, you can avail of our highest quality HF115F-Q/005-1H with a maximum of 440VAC/300VDC switching voltage.

Meanwhile, its switching current also takes up to a maximum of 8A.

It also has switching power with a maximum of 2000 VA.

Furthermore, RANTLE’s reliable quality HF115F-Q/005-1H can operate under an ambient temperature ranging from -40˚C up to +85˚C.

To top it up, RANTLE is engaged in the distribution of excellent quality HF115F-Q/005-1H with advanced features.

If you need a reliable supplier of high-quality HF115F-Q/005-1H, RANTLE is the most trusted in China!

buy HF115F-Q-005-1H

Your business will surely skyrocket with RANTLE since we offer affordable prices. We also offer the fastest delivery of your order within 1-5 days.

RANTLE also has 16 years of experience in the industry of supplying the best quality electronic components.

Thus, if you choose RANTLE to be your business partner, your business is surely in good hands!

Plus, our friendly and knowledgeable customer service team is online 24/7 for your guide and assistance during and after the transaction.

Surely, you will have a great time sourcing your HF115F-Q/005-1H at RANTLE!

For clear and further information, contact our service team today!

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