Your Premier IL-WX-10SB-VF-B-E1000E Supplier in China

  • 1.50 mm row spacing
  • 3.25 mm insulation height
  • 0.5 A current ratings
  • 0.8 MM SMT
  • Fast delivery
  • IL-WX-10SB-VF-B-E1000E
  • IL-WX-10SB-VF-B-E1000E

In China, RANTLE is well-known for supplying the highest-quality electronic components which are highly reliable.

Along with that, we are supplying the best quality IL-WX-10SB-VF-B-E1000E to support you.

For your business, RANTLE is distributing an excellent quality IL-WX-10SB-VF-B-E1000E with a vast array of options available.

Take a look and discover RANTLE’s IL-WX-10SB-VF-B-E1000E.

IL-WX-10SB-VF-B-E1000E supplier

In China, RANTLE is supplying the best quality IL-WX-10SB-VF-B-E1000E which is a mezzanine and board to board connectors with 10 POS and 0.8 MM SMT.

We are distributing a premium quality IL-WX-10SB-VF-B-E1000E is an active part status.

At RANTLE, a superior quality IL-WX-10SB-VF-B-E1000E with receptacle connector type is available.

You can also avail RANTLE’s trusted quality IL-WX-10SB-VF-B-E1000E integrated with a forked contact type.

We also have a high-quality IL-WX-10SB-VF-B-E1000E with 10 number of positions.

Other than, RANTLE is an independent distributor of highest-quality IL-WX-10SB-VF-B-E1000E which is equipped with a 0.80 mm pitch for mating.

All numbers of positions of our trusted quality IL-WX-10SB-VF-B-E1000E are loaded.

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Reliable IL-WX-10SB-VF-B-E1000E Distributor in China - Rantle East Electronic

Our reliable quality IL-WX-10SB-VF-B-E1000E also 2 numbers of rows with 1.50 mm row spacing.

Additional to that, our dependable quality IL-WX-10SB-VF-B-E1000E features a surface mount mounting style for easy assembling.

The termination style of our high-quality IL-WX-10SB-VF-B-E1000E is solder. It also supports a push-pull fastening type.

Moreover, we are supplying the best quality IL-WX-10SB-VF-B-E1000E which supports a 3.25 mm insulation height.

As an expert distributor, RANTLE is engaged in supplying a superior quality IL-WX-10SB-VF-B-E1000E which features board guide as well as solder retention.

buy IL-WX-10SB-VF-B-E1000E

We are also a distributor of top-quality IL-WX-10SB-VF-B-E1000E which is incorporated with 0.5 A current ratings.

To ensure the quality, our trusted quality IL-WX-10SB-VF-B-E1000E is fabricated with glass filled, polyphenylene sulfide insulation material.

It can also operate under a temperature ranging from -40˚C up to +85˚C.

These are also designed and supplied in accordance to UL94 V-0 material flammability ratings.

At RANTLE, you can find the best quality IL-WX-10SB-VF-B-E1000E that will fit in your specifications.

Whether you are sourcing reliable quality IL-WX-10SB-VF-B-E1000E for your business, always rely on RANTLE!

IL-WX-10SB-VF-B-E1000E distributor

At RANTLE, we have 16 years of experience in the distribution of high-quality electronic components.

Thus, you can always trust RANTLE!

Furthermore, if you choose RANTLE to be your supplier, we can provide the most competitive price.

Plus, we can also deliver your orders within 1 to 5 days upon completing your payments.

RANTLE has the fastest delivery of your orders than others.

RANTLE can surely help your business achieve its success.

As a reputable and professional distributor, RANTLE is committed to providing you quality and efficiency guaranteed products as well as services.

We will be delighted if you work with us. More valuable service awaits you.

Choose RANTLE as your top supplier!

Enjoy sourcing!

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