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  • 200 mA collector current
  • 350˚C/W thermal resistance
  • -40 V collector-base voltage
  • MMBT3906-7-F
  • MMBT3906-7-F

In China, RANTLE is well-known for providing the most excellent and trusted quality MMBT3906-7-F.

In fact, RANTLE is being recognized as the reliable and dependable distributor of highest-quality MMBT3906-7-F.

Because of that, RANTLE able to supply the best quality MMBT3906-7-F which is a die construction epitaxial planar.

MMBT3906-7-F Distributor

As your demand for a reliable MMBT3906-7-F keeps on increasing, RANTLE also the ability to distribute a vast array of excellent quality MMBT3906-7-F which is very ideal for switching, medium-power amplification and other related applications.

Additional to that, RANTLE is an independent distributor of premium quality MMBT3906-7-F with -40 V collector-base voltage.

To top it up, RANTLE also supplies a high-quality MMBT3906-7-F with -40 V collector-emitter voltage.

A -6.0 V emitter-base voltage is highly integrated into our superior quality MMBT3906-7-F in order to suit your requirements.

MMBT3906-7-F label

RANTLE’s reliable quality MMBT3906-7-F is also incorporated with -200 mA collector current.

In China, RANTLE is also a supplier of highest-quality MMBT3906-7-F with -200 mA peak-collector current.

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Reliable MMBT3906-7-F Distributor in China - Rantle East Electronic

RANTLE’s excellent quality MMBT3906-7-F has the capability to provide the most accurate solution for all your application types since it is equipped with 350mW power dissipation.

We also have the best quality MMBT3906-7-F highly integrated with thermal resistance up to 350˚C/W.

Normally, RANTLE’s trusted quality MMBT3906-7-F can also operate and stored in a temperature range from -55 to about +150 C.

MMBT3906-7-F Supplier

Other than that, we are supplying the best quality MMBT3906-7-F can provide you a -100mA peak-base current.

RANTLE can certainly help you the right electronic parts especially MMBT3906-7-F for your needs.

If your task is to source an affordable but high-quality MMBT3906-7-F and other electronic parts, RANTLE has got you covered!

In China, RANTLE is offering an unlimited stock of MMBT3906-7-F which is carefully tested by our expert team of quality control before shipping.

We also focus on giving you a reasonable rate and swift delivery for your bulk order of MMBT3906-7-F.

If you choose RANTLE, you can certainly have high-quality MMBT3906-7-F while saving time and money!

If you look for a reliable and certified and supplier of MMBT3906-7-F and other components for your business, try to source at RANTLE!

MMBT3906-7-F price

We are an expert and professional independent distributor and supplier in China for almost 16 years.

Plus, our sales representative is 24/7 online to support you.

No doubt, RANTLE will give you a hassle-free purchasing experience for a smooth transactions.

For more clear information and further details about our MMBT3906-7-F, kindly reach us at your most convenient time!

We will be happy serving you today!

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