Your Leading PS219C3-AS Supplier in China

  • 3 phase AC/DC inverter
  • 600 V/15 A CSTBT
  • 450 V supply voltage
  • 600 V collector-emitter voltage
  • 400 V short-circuit protection capability
  • features -20˚C up to +150˚C junction temperature
  • 100~240Vrms low power motor control
  • 1500Vrms isolation voltage
  • PS219C3-AS
  • PS219C3-AS

If you are looking for a trustworthy distributor of the highest-quality PS219C3-AS for your business, always rely on RANTLE.

In China, RANTLE is an authorized supplier of the best quality electronic components.

We are distributing the broadest options for a premium quality PS219C3-AS to ensure that it can suit your needs.

We also make sure that we will deliver a superior quality which is functional and all authentic.

In China, we are supplying the best quality PS219C3-AS which are package dual-in-line power intelligent modules.

PS219C3-AS distributor

Excellent quality PS219C3-AS supplied by RANTLE comes with a transfer molding type and insulated type.

Other than that, our highest-quality PS219C3-AS comes with ratings and main functions.

A 600 V/15 A CSTBT is supported by our top-quality PS219C3-AS.

Along with that, we are also a supplier of reliable quality PS219C3-AS that features 3 phase AC/DC inverter.

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Reliable PS219C3-AS Distributor in China - Rantle East Electronic

Additionally, a dependable quality PS219C3-AS distributed by RANTLE is also equipped with an N-side open emitter IGBT for a maximum performance level. A built-in diodes bootstrap with a current resistor limiting is also available at RANTLE.

Also, RANTLE’s premium quality PS219C3-AS is rated with 450 V supply voltage. A 500 V surge supply voltage is also incorporated into our top-quality PS219C3-AS for a better solution. Moreover, it our PS219C3-AS is equipped with 600 V collector-emitter voltage.

In China, RANTLE is also an authorized supplier of highest-quality PS219C3-AS which features a 33.3 W collector dissipation.

It is also incorporated with a 20 V control supply voltage.

As an expert distributor, we are committed to supply a high-quality PS219C3-AS with a 1mA fault output current.

For a higher performance level, RANTLE is supplying the highest-quality PS219C3-AS with 30A IGBT collector current.

PS219C3-AS supplier

Furthermore, you can avail an excellent quality PS219C3-AS with 1500Vrms isolation voltage.

By supplying the best quality PS219C3-AS with 400 V short-circuit protection capability, we can surely help your business.

Aside from that, a top-quality PS219C3-AS supplied by RANTLE features -20˚C up to +150˚C junction temperature.

Due to that, it is best used for an AC 100~240Vrms low power motor control.

We highly recommend you to source your highest-quality PS219C3-AS at RANTLE.

For more than 16 years, RANTLE is dedicated to providing our valued customers a quality and efficiency guaranteed products.

Thus, we are recognized as the world-leading independent supplier located in China.

buy PS219C3-AS

Also, RANTLE is committed to providing the most reasonable rate for your high-quality PS219C3-AS orders.

We also have the fastest delivery that other suppliers cannot give.

Within 1 to 5 days, we can deliver your PS219C3-AS orders upon the completion of your payments.

RANTLE is surely a trustworthy business partner!

No doubt, RANTLE can help in skyrocketing your business!

We will be happy working with you! Send your inquiries today!

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