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  • Competitive price for S1711-46R
  • 1.5 V up to 5.0 V output voltage
  • 2.0 V to about 6.5 V input voltage
  • ±1.0% voltage output accuracy
  • 1uA current consumption
  • S1711-46R
  • S1711-46R

Whether you need dependable quality S1711-46R for your desired application or business, RANTLE can always cover your needs!

At RANTLE, we have enough S1711-46R stocks that can meet your diverse requirements and needs.

We are also known as a professional and expert supplier of high-quality electronic parts including S1711-46R in China.

S1711-46R distributor

The excellent quality S1711-46R supplied by RANTLE is fabricated through a CMOS technology.

Our premium quality S1711-46R is also a voltage regulator that comes with some reset functions.

RANTLE’s superior quality is highly integrated with voltage high-accuracy detector.

RANTLE is an independent distributor of top-quality S1711-46R which is also equipped with a delay on-chip circuit as well as a positive voltage-regulator.

Our trusted quality S1711-46R also comes with a low-dropout voltage and high-output voltage on a single chip.

Aside from that, RANTLE is a supplier of the best quality S1711-46R which is built-in with a lower on-resistance transistor.

This helps the device in providing a huge output current and lower dropout voltage.

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Reliable S1711-46R Distributor in China - Rantle East Electronic

A smaller ceramic capacitor is also available at RANTLE’s top-quality S1711-46R.

When using our excellent quality S1711-46R, it does not require external capacitors for the delay.

Our premium quality S1711-46R also features a regulator block.

S1711-46R Supplier

To meet your specifications, RANTLE’s excellent quality S1711-46R is integrated with 1.5 V up to 5.0 V output voltage.

A 2.0 V to about 6.5 V input voltage is incorporated into our premium quality S1711-46R for the best solution.

Other than that, you can also avail RANTLE’s highest-quality S1711-46R which is equipped with ±1.0% voltage output accuracy.

Our premium quality S1711-46R, as well, is fabricated with a maximum of 1uA current consumption.

For a maximum level of performance, RANTLE is supplying the best quality S1711-46R which is equipped with 400mA output current and typical of 70dB ripple rejection.

An on/off circuit is also integrated into our superior quality S1711-46R to assure a longer battery life.

S1711-46R Price

Typically, RANTLE’s excellent quality S1711-46R is used in providing power supply for constant-voltage.

It also provides a reset circuit mainly for a battery-powered device.

Additionally, it can also be used for a personal communication device and other relative applications.

For home appliances, RANTLE’s superior quality S1711-46R is highly dependable!

If you have to source a premium quality S1711-46R, don’t hesitate to rely on RANTLE! At RANTLE, we offer a reasonable cost of S1711-46R to support your business.

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We also have the fastest delivery for your orders so you can have more time on your business.

You can surely guarantee a hassle-free buying experience at RANTLE.

For more than 16 years, RANTLE became the most trusted and authorized reputable supplier in China.

Thus, thousands of customers trusted RANTLE to be their supplier.

We are also waiting for you to put your trust on us. It is our pleasure to work and cooperate with you.

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