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TLV1117LV12DCYR Distributor - Your Primarily TLV1117LV12DCYR Supplier in China

Rantle was your professional TLV1117LV12DCYR and TLV1117LV12DCYT seller and distributor in China. We assuredly provide your specific TLV1117LV12DCYR electronic chip components with their practical and affordable cost. This much likely is suitable for all your machine and electronic peripheral application business.


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Rantle is your trustworthy distributor of durable and withstands TLV1117LV12DCYR electronic components since it was instituted.  TLV1117LV12DCYR was a low-power device that consumes mostly 500-times in the quiescent current. Has a specific power supply that counts from 2V to 5.5V, highly suitable for the device applications you run.

In addition, Rantle also responsible for distributing its related product, TLV1117LV12DCYT electronic chip components. Both of them have Ceramic Capacitors in a stable and cost-effective matter. Has the power to operate between –40°C to 125°C temperature range. RANTLE has plenty of TLV1117LV12DCYR and TLV1117LV33DCYR in our Warehouse and consistently available for your possible orders. 

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Rantle distributes renowned Texas Instruments(TI) TLV1117LV12DCYR and TLV1117LV12DCYT electronic chip components dwelling with exclusive elements. Have the SOT-223 package available and provides for almost 15% accuracy for amplifier error and bandgap. Beneficial for your Set-Top Boxes, TVs, Monitor, and other Communication Product devices.


Both TLV1117LV12DCYR and TLV1117LV12DCYT are a low-voltage regulator and offers excellent connection line and transient performance. A typical and positive-fixed electronic peripherals that mandate low standby current that make undershoots and overshoots magnitude voltage output could possible. It also enables the device for a post-regulation.

Rantle Electronics is your trusted TLV1117LV12DCYR and TLV1117LV12DCYT distributor for your electrical and machine trade work. This was configured with an impressive set of design and process for its long-lasting and liability to use. The TLV1117LV12DCYR has 0-mA Output Stable Current along with having a thermal shutdown segment and overcurrent unit protection. 

TLV1117LV12DCYR distributor

For almost a year in this field, Rantle Electronics pursues supplying and distributing electronic components with lots of features, uses, and power strengths that are perfect for your business or projects. Rantle remains in its position to be on top of this career and maintains the purity of producing and distributing well-process electronic components that bear 65 dB at 1 kHz for PSRR features, and 455 mV at 1A for a low-dropout category just like the TLV1117LV12DCYR components essential especially if you are fixing or repairing for your damage PC peripherals, motherboards, modems, notebooks, and other electrical current devices.

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Rantle is already known as a dominant distributor of electronic component parts since built. We aim for satisfactory and expertise ability in distributing the highest-quality electronic components that can absolutely surpass your personal and prestigious demand. Our intelligence grants us to accurately and instantly lend your desire to electric components. Rantle will help you take your business to the top level of this electronic career business.

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For your requests and consultation of TLV1117LV12DCYR and TLV1117LV12DCYT  electronic components, please don’t hesitate to contact and communicate with us. We have 24/7 online customer-friendly personnel who will assist you with that matter. 

Learn more about the TLV1117LV12DCYR, please click the TLV1117LV12DCY datasheet.

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