Your Professional TOTX1952 Supplier in China

  • 5.25 V supply voltage
  • -40˚C up to 85˚C operating temperature
  • -9dBm fiber output power
  • 6 Mb/s data rate
  • 55ns pulse width distortion
  • 40m transmission distance
  • +5V power single supply
  • TOTX1952
  • TOTX1952

Whether you need a reliable quality TOTX1952 or a trusted supplier, RANTLE can give you both!

In China, RANTLE is known as a verified distributor of the best quality TOTX1952(6M F) which will surely fit your needs and specifications.

At RANTLE, you can avail our premium quality TOTX1952 which is a general-purpose optic fiber transmitting module.

Along with that, our superior quality TOTX1952 is fabricated with a CMOS level interface.

TOTX1952 distributor

For the best solution, RANTLE is distributing an excellent qualityTOTX1952 which features a +5V power single supply.

The premium quality TOTX1952(6M,F) features an LED that is highly driven by a differential circuit.

A 650nm LED is also equipped into our top-quality TOTX1952.

Aside from that, we are also a distributor of excellent quality TOTX1952(6MF) which has a maximum of 5.25 V supply voltage.

A -40˚C up to 85˚C operating temperature is also supported by our premium quality TOTX1952.

Additionally, RANTLE is also a distributor of highest-quality TOTX1952(6M,F) which is designed with a 40m transmission distance.

It is also incorporated with -9dBm fiber output power for a maximum level of performance.

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Reliable TOTX1952 Distributor in China - Rantle East Electronic

RANTLE is also a supplier of top-quality TOTX1952(6MF) that is made with maximum of 6 Mb/s data rate.

Moreover, RANTLE is engaged in the distribution of high-quality TOTX1952 which is designed with maximum of 55ns pulse width distortion.

In order to meet your standards and specifications, RANTLE distributes the best quality TOTX1952 which features a typical of 650nm center emission wavelength.

A maximum of 20uA higher level of input current.

TOTX1952 supplier

For a further detail, RANTLE is supplying an excellent quality TOTX1952 that features a -40˚C to about 95˚C storage temperature.

Because of our extensive array of premium quality TOTX1952, we are able to give you the efficiency that you need.

At RANTLE, you can always have the best quality TOTX1952 that will surely suit your needs.

For more 16 years, we don’t miss any chance in providing you excellent quality TOTX1952 and other electronic components.

Throughout the years, we have gained lots of experience in the electronic component distribution field.

TOTX1952 price

Thus, you can always rely at RANTLE.

If you are sourcing a high-quality TOTX1952(6M F), don’t hesitate to source at RANTLE!

With RANTLE, you can avail our trusted quality TOTX1952(6M F) at an affordable price while still providing quality and efficiency.

We also have the fastest delivery for about 1 to 5 days after completing your payments. Guaranteed that your TOTX1952 orders will delivered on-time.

buy TOTX1952

Plus, you can guarantee that your highest-quality TOTX1952(6M,F) are all functional and authentic since we have an expert quality control team who checked it before dispatchment.

For more details about RANTLE’s TOTX1952, contact our team today!

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