Your Best ADUM5402ARWZ Supplier in China

ADUM5402ARWZ Distributor – Your Best ADUM5402ARWZ Supplier in China

Rantle offers ADUM5402ARWZ that proof tested by applying an insulation test voltage ≥ 3000 V rms for 1 second. These components are suitable for reinforced electrical isolation only within the safety limit data. Maintenance of the safety data is ensured by the protective circuits.


RANTLE distributes great ADUM5402ARWZ. We are your trusted distributor in China.


Rantle is a distributor of ADUM5402ARWZ with great quality. It offers ambient temperature = 25°C. ADUM5402ARWZ is aversions of the isolators provide an upgraded voltage reference to ensure proper startup under all load conditions.

ADUM5402ARWZ capacitor values are 0.1 µF and 10 µF for VDD1 and VISO. A 10 nF capacitor should be used for optimum EMI emissions performance. The smaller capacitors must have a low ESR; for example, use of an NPO ceramic capacitor is advised.

In addition, Rantle ADUM5402ARWZ parts consist of four internal die attached to a split lead frame with two die attach paddles. These devices operate at full load across the full temperature range without derating the output current.

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Rantle ADUM5402ARWZ is a kind of devices that eliminate the need for a separate, isolated dc-todc converter in low power, isolated designs.

It works on principles that are common to most modern power supplies. It is a secondary side controller architecture with isolated pulse-width modulation feedback. VDD1 power is supplied to an oscillating circuit that switches current into a chip scale air core transformer.

ADUM5402ARWZ distributor

Rantle ADUM5402ARWZ implement undervoltage lockout (UVLO) with hysteresis on the VDD1 power input. This feature ensures that the converter does not enter oscillation due to noisy input power or slow power-on ramp rates.

Rantle ADUM5402ARWZ  do not contain a soft start circuit. Therefore, the start-up current and voltage behavior must be taken into account when designing with these devices.

Its creates high frequency currents that can propagate in circuit board ground and power planes, causing edge and dipole radiation.

The ADUM5402ARWZ are extremely immune and can be affected only by extremely large currents operated at high frequency very close to the component.

Our ADUM5402ARWZ is related to initialization of the band gap voltage references on the primary and secondary (power output) sides of the ISO Power device and are being addressed in future revisions of the silicon.

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Rantle is one of the great and professional ADUM5402ARWZ manufacturer and distributor in China. Our ADUM5402ARWZ are best and ideal solution for convenience control systems and engines.

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