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  • Competitive Price for AZ1117H-1.8TRE1
  • fully lead-free and RoHS compliant
  • short-circuit controlled current
  • 2% accuracy for every 1.2 versions
  • AZ1117H-1.8TRE1
  • AZ1117H-1.8TRE1

The AZ1117H-1.8TRE1 is a series of three-terminal low dropout regulators. AZ1117H-1.8TRE1 from RANTLE offers a 1.15 V at an output current of 1A dropout.

Our highest-quality AZ1117H-1.8TRE1 offers thermal shutdown and excellent current limiting for maximum safety and protection.

RANTLE also provides you an excellent quality AZ1117H-1.8TRE1 with a bandgap trimmed reference.

This is to assure that it will provide an accurate output voltage in a range within 1% for every 5.0 V, 3.3 V, 2.85 V, 2.5 V, 1.8 V, 1.5 V, and other adjustable versions.

It will also provide you a 2% accuracy for every 1.2 versions.

RANTLE’s AZ1117H-1.8TRE1 current limit will be trimmed to assure a specified current output as well as a short-circuit controlled current.

The on-chip thermal-shutdown on our high-quality AZ1117H-1.8TRE1 is provided for protection from any merged ambient and overload temperature which will result in an excessive temperature junction.

AZ1117H-1.8TRE1 Supplier

Aside from that, RANTLE’s best quality AZ1117H-1.8TRE1 also features an adjustable version.

This provides an output voltage ranging from 1.25 V to about 12 V with 2 exterior resistors only.

RANTLE’s excellent quality AZ1117H-1.8TRE1 can operate a junction operation temperature range from -40 to about +125oC.

At RANTLE, you can also assure that our top-quality AZ1117H-1.8TRE1 is fully lead-free as well as an RoHS compliant.

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Reliable AZ1117H-1.8TRE1 Distributor in China - Rantle East Electronic

To meet your diverse requirements, we are consistently supplying our best quality AZ1117H-1.8TRE1 widely used in PC motherboard applications.

Also, our AZ1117H-1.8TRE1 is durable and flexible enough so you can use it on LCD monitors.

If your business concerns with telecom equipment, you can highly utilize RANTLE’s trusted quality AZ1117H-1.8TRE1.

Other than that, if you are working with graphic cards, choose RANTLE’s reliable quality AZ1117H-1.8TRE1.

AZ1117H-1.8TRE1 Distributor

At RANTLE, you can also have an AZ1117H-1.8TRE1 which is broadly used in some applications such as ADSL modem and DVD-video player.

Furthermore, if you are in an industry which deals with NIC/switch, printer and more peripheral equipment, trust RANTLE to be your distributor or supplier of high-quality AZ1117H-1.8TRE1.

For your business, choose RANTLE’s excellent quality AZ1117H-1.8TRE1! At RANTLE, we have lots of best quality AZ1117H-1.8TRE1 stocks for your urgent or wholesale orders.

A wide variety of AZ1117H-1.8TRE1 is offered so you can choose the right one for your applications.

As your requirements and specifications are growing, RANTLE is dedicated to providing you the exact electronic parts you need.

Even obsolete, hard-to-find or EOL electronic parts, RANTLE can help you source.

Top-quality AZ1117H-1.8TRE1 and other electronic components are provided by RANTLE to be used in various industries such as transportation, aerospace, military, computers, medical and more of.

For 16 years and above, RANTLE is known to be the most trusted and reliable supplier of electronic parts including AZ1117H-1.8TRE1 in China.

buy AZ1117H-1.8TRE1

RANTLE is also recognized as an independent dependable distributor who consistently providing swift delivery and competitive cost for every order.

RANTLE is certainly your one-stop-shop solution for every electronic part need.

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